My UPS route guy is gonna love me...

Discussion in 'Lighten UPS' started by phox1515, Jan 18, 2014.

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    I have like 6 textbooks being delivered over the course of 3-4 days... and I live on the 3rd floor :)

    I tried to get them all in 1 day and soon i'm moving to a 2nd floor apartment, but that won;t be till next month.

    gotta love college season right... deliver a bazillion books beginning of semester and pick up a bunch at the end, usually only if you have to do pick ups from ups stores... but then i think it feels like more because it's multiple routes worth of customers for 1 store. last year the ups store me and my driver did pickups from had on avg 50 chegg boxes a day in december... ok it was probably only 20-30 but it was a lot. that's on top of the other 200 boxes we picked up from there hehe.
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    I knew a driver that delivered to most of the college dorms around here. He always took vacation the week the students were moving in and getting deliveries.
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    I deliver to our local SUNY college----thankfully all deliveries for the students who live on campus go to a central warehouse.

    I wish I would have bought stock in Cheggs when they first opened.
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    Obviously English is not your Major.
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    Nope and even if it was I still wouldn't give 2 :censored2:s about typing perfect on an internet forum, if I was typing up a college (or even high school) level essay than I would do a little bit better.

    I have a nice little bridge you might be interested in buy, there's these 3 goats that like to try to cross over it frequently and currently the underside is unoccupied, it's just begging for a troll such as yourself to move in.
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