My wife's package was destroyed by "surepost"!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by djkre8r, Jul 27, 2011.

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    My wife received her "surepost" package last week and it was a mess. The box looked as if the postal lady spilled her coffee all over it (and in it). It was bagged up and sitting on our front porch. She called to USPS to complain and they said it was shipped to them by UPS in that condition. It was a large box so there was no way it would have fit in a "surepost" bag. Also, "I" (yes ME) am the one that LOADED the truck that sent these packages to the USPS. That particular day the postal stuff was loaded RDC and was under the belt until the end of my shift. I know for sure that I didn't load a package that looked like that.

    The postal lady came back to pick up the package since my wife refused to touch the mess. She said that they always bag a box that was leaking from the inside. Funny thing is that the box contents were posters and paper stuff for my wife's classroom. "Leaking from the inside"? WHAT? USPS must not have a "don't touch, leave the area, notify a sup" policy. When my wife contacted the company to have the shipment replaced she specifically asked NO SUREPOST. The shipper said they had no control over what UPS did with the package. We are not located in a rural area and UPS goes by my house everyday. I normally pull our packaged off the truck but I can't touch a surepost.

    Surepost is killing the business! They are taking at least 3-4 routes out of our small center! That could be MY route!
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    No worries.
    Soon USPS will not be delivering anything, except bills and catalogs.
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    Surepost is a Fedex product, get smart!!
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    Are you also confused about Agent 99 and Agent 86???
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    We all hate those types of services as much as you do. All we want to do is bring your pkg to your doorstep, but in this economy i guess that's to expensive. sorry.
  6. First off, Surepost is a UPS Trademark

    Everyone who said that it is a FedEx service, you need to open your eyes and ears to the bigger problem. FedEx is stealing your future; their SmartPost product already has some 1.43 MILLION packages per day that are totally invisible to the Teamsters. (Customers are demanding the lowest cost service; and to be honest, the Post office "final mile" is the lowest cost delivery (nationwide) there is). And SmartPost volume is going up like its attached to a rocket; it grew 48% in 2010; and 17% in 2011, according to FedEx's latest financial filings.

    Now a question for you; you use the term "that could be MY route" when you refer to the UPS Surepost volume. Why are you not worried about the 5.2 million packages every day (FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery & FedEx SmartPost)??? The FedEx Ground volume is now equal to almost 1/2 of the ground volume delivered by UPS every day. That volume, if it was Teamster, would represent almost 100,000 Teamster jobs. Thousands and thousands of driving positions (pick-up & delivery and tractor trailer) and tens of thousands of package handlers.

    Just explain why you complain about UPS offering a service that their customers demand, and you are deaf, blind and dumb (speechless not intelligence) to the real threat to your route?
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    I hate surepost, too!
  8. The Blackadder

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    Surepost is great, it lets customers track their packages though UPS see it is out for delivery and then get it a day or two later. Makes them really think UPS stinks.
    I do love giving the USPS 40 or so stops a day, lets UPS cut a few extra routes in my building.
  9. Jones

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    With surepost at least you get paid to drop those packages off at the post office. Without it you wouldn't see those packages at all because they wouldn't be in our system. How many routes do you think UPS would be able cut then?
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    Could someone who knows post what the difference is between Basic and Surepost?

    When I retired I knew the parameters for Basic. If your home address zip code did not have a rural surcharge then it was delivered by a UPS person. My local PO might get 15 packages a week versus a rural surcharge PO getting 200-250 a week.

    My wife got 3 packages in the past month and 2 of them were Basic.

    Is Basic going to be like the dinosauer?
  11. djkre8r

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    By saying "my route" I mean... I am a cover driver that would probably have my own route by now if we weren't dumping all these packages off for the USPS to deliver. I know our main PO in town gets about 10-15 bags PER DAY because I either load them on preload or deliver them when I am covering that route. That doesn't include how many bags go to our out lying area POs. I think our small center (about 22 routes per day during off peak) processes about 700 Surepost packages per day and the numbers are increasing.

    Also, at least when UPS delivers a pkg, we knock or ring a door bell. I went behind one the other day (he pulled up right before me) and he sat the pkg down and walked off. The one that delivers to my house doesn't knock or ring a bell. Therefore my pkg sits outside all day before we realize it. It's just not the customer service UPS delivers!
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    With basic I leave package no signature required no matter what the location is. It gets DR the first attempt no and if or buts no matter what the location good area, bad area, etc.
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    I wish I could get my wife to destroy my package it's been like two weeks.
  14. cachsux

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    Maybe the postman already delivered.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Does this include a closed business with high foot traffic?
  16. Just Numbers

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    Looks like someone has hit the nail on the head!
  17. upssalesguy

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    but but but i turned in a sales lead 8 years ago and sales never followed up with them. save your money for 2013! blah blah blah
  18. Dragon

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    so so and so screwed me over 15 yrs ago and its your fault, I hate UPS I am not doing anything for them, you mean cause you said it at the pcm i gotta do it, they must mean someone else...
  19. menotyou

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    I hear you all need a the whaaaambulace!!
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    That would be a case by case situation. However I know that when my SUP was riding with me I tried to leave a DN for a basic package going to a apartment that is located in area that has high foot traffic located in mixed commercial/ resi shopping area and the package was insight. He told me I had to leave it that is what the shipper wants us to do no matter the location. When you scan the package that what message tells you.