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    Has anyone heard about a manager in Boise ID telling a part time supervisor he would have to put UPS needs ahead of his national guard service? I heard he was transfered to Salt Lake.
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    No, got a link?
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    Had an on car sup tell a driver in the Nat'l guard that they wouldn't have hired him had they known he was in the guard. That was way before 9/11.
    On car took an early retirement, the guard driver takes all the extra guard duty he can. He's probably driven (conservative estimate) a total of 20 months for ups since 9/11.
    2 sides to the story!:confused:1
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    There are serious, serious consequences for messing with a member of the reserve armed forces.

    OOPS!....I forgot....the company is above the laws that apply to everyone else.

    If the company continues to mess with this individual simply request audience with your CO (commanding officer), explain the situation to him and then put your helmet on because something is fixing to hit the fan.
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    I wouldnt put it past UPS to say something like that.
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    If we aren't going to support our military, then start learning to pray to allah and don't buy any more aircraft: there's not a big need in the world for camel dung.
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    The different opinions on this thread are amazing! Any time someone has been called up for active duty we all wished him well and I never heard any threats to the persons employment status. I do know that 2 years after 911
    our part timer had to pay into Cobra for his families benfits to continue. Has anyone heard of this happening in your area?
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    Most questions about this issue can be answered here
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    In one of the centers I visit, the ctr mgr gets emails from the driver who is over in Iraq. He posts them on the Bulletin board and let's all the other people in the building know how he's doing. They've also had a collection box and have shipped to him all sorts of stuff to help him pass the time away. (The mgr had the ctr pick up the shipping costs). I guess every center is different.
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    I am on officer in the Reserve, and take off when I need for Guard Duties, usually only 4 weeks a year, because I am off on the weekends anyway. They cannot dictate when and how you use your military time, unless you fail to provide your written and signed orders to your supervisor or manager. I am in management myself, along with two driver supervisors who are also in the guard, I sort of like the fact that one weekend a month and at least two weeks a year I get to boss them around! I work as a PDS, and they always try to screw up our plans and stuff, so it is great to work them hard for once.
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    Hey rngri4, Give em hell
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    every center must be different. i was called to active duty for the first gulf war. my manager was great. he and another hourly would have a donation box set up and would give the families back home the money to help us out. the only thing ups could of done different back then was to make up the difference in our pay while we were gone. they waited until we got back. sure it was nice of them but , we could of used the money while i was gone. so lets support our troops!!!:saddam:
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    I work in Boise and was fired for military service, that lasted two days. Got my job back when they figured out what a federal law was. That manager who fired me was x-fered to SLC
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    If he could prove that, the center manager would be flipping burgers. It would be so easy to go down that road.
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    First off, thankyou for your service to the military. I do not intend to let this be a discussion of whether we need to be there or not. But as for meself, thankyou!

    I take it you are now back stateside?

    If so, welcome home! If not, when ya gonna get home?

    d PS, I take it you are talking about your being fired lasting two days, not your military service? ;)
  16. Here all the hourly employees in the guard have done at least two tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. But only one of several management guardsmen have done a tour, and in Germany for half the length. Just seems a little odd. Question, maybe rngri4 can answer, was told by one sup. in the guard that another sup. in the guard could write his own orders, is that true if your rank is high enough?
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    I think I understand the question as this, one sup was writing another sup's guard orders? That is how I understand the question, and yes that can be the case, depending on the rank and job classification that the person holds. If the management member you are speaking of is an officer, and the other members are not, then the orders would be different sometimes, and so would his service depending on his job classification (what his job is basically.) I have had orders to deploy for two week stint in Germany or other countries a couple of times, when the rest of the unit was never called up. Basically, another officer with my same clearance, classification, and rank was on leave, so I won the lottery, it has happened a couple of times. Really, long answer here, but if you are a "foot soldier" you will more than likely go with everyone else, along with your supervisory officers and NCO's. While officers and NCO's who are not simpy "front line" soldiers, but are in security and other technical specialties may stay or be called for support operations.