Native wild animals

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  1. DS

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    Depending where you live we all have to live with certain animals.Here its Geese, lots of them.I bet the folks in the south have some animals that I never get to see.I`ve never seen a wild lizard in Canada.Heres a link to the sound I hear almost daily flying over my package car.
    Canada Goose
    What kind of animals do everyone else have to deal with?
  2. moreluck

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    In Southern California we co-exist with coyotes on the golf courses and in the neighborhoods......they don't scare me. What really freaks me out is that every year around Sept. & Oct. there are these Cal. Orb Spiders.(I think that's what they are called)
    They spin a web, that looks thick like thread, from a tree to a bush right across the sidewalks. The webs are usually "face high" and it really creeps me out when I'm taking a walk and walk right into that me goosebumps!! I'm told they are harmless, but they still scare me because they look huge to me.

    Mountain lion, bobcat and fox are just a few of the animals that the new housing has displaced.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Racoons and Skunks..most end up as roadkill. The smell is indescribable and when you come across a fresh one on the road, ruins your whole day.

    One other note, while picking up speed tp merge with highway traffic a seagull flys square into truck just above front windsheild, had to pull off into service station and used hose to clean guts and feathers that started to drip down and block my field of vision.
  4. wornoutupser

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    Dead hogs,deer and raccoons around here. You have to watch for the occaisional gator crossing the highway- you really catch air if you cant duck them and they stink!

    OK, I have a rural run- I admit it! :-)

    The next worst "animals" around here are the snowbirds- I LOVE doing 35 on a 65 road while they go on with a blinker on with no place to turn for miles...
  5. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :scooter: :yes:

    How true, how true!
  6. CTOTH

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    I'm super glad they left. You can keep 'em all year if you want. They do the same thing up here. You'd think after 80 years, they'd know where they were going.
    If they chose to forego the winter they'd only cause an accident up here. Good riddance!
  7. Thebrowntruth

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    In the "hood" we have some rats big enough that if you put antlers on them they could pass for deer!!!
  8. scratch

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    In Georgia, its deer, foxes, coyotes, Canadian Geese, beavers, raccoons, an occasional black bear, ............and don't forget the 'possums!
  9. wornoutupser

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    Hey Scratch,
    We had a momma and cub in our area this spring but it was kept very quiet. I never got to see them but I did see their tracks.
    My grandad used to shoot them off the back porch in the 40's around here but this is the first reported sighting around here in a very long time!
  10. satellitedriver

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    Well,I wonder why you don't see much of them any more?
  11. satellitedriver

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    Hey truth, I drive a very rural route and think you might like this story. About dusk while driving down thru "brushy creek bottom" a huge field rat came running across the road. I kept driving and checked my mirrors to see if he had made it. He didn't. At the same time a hawk flew down and snatched that rat up and flew away just like an eagle grabbing a fish out of a lake. This all happened in the space of five seconds. So, another one bites the dust. Be safe, in the "hood". Later.
  12. Thebrowntruth

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    u safe out there. And if you run across that hawk again let him know there is a buffet over here waiting for him!
  13. DS

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    We have rats too but they just have big teeth
  14. SmithBarney

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    Generally out of state tourists are the only regular wild animals we see.

    But bald eagles, bear, elk, fox, some crazy birds that love to dodge the windshield, coyotes, and the rare moose makes its way down every so often.
  15. jlphotog

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    This past Friday late in the day, just after sunset, I had an owl fly right in front on my package car while I was stopping at a rezzi. This owl had something in it's claws. I couldn't tell what it was but it looked to be the size of a kitten. I really didn't know owls hunted while it was still somewhat light outside. It was actually an amazing site. Something I had never seen in person before.

    By the way, I am in Northern part of Alberta, Canada.

    (Oh yes, for the cat lovers out there, I don't know that it was a kitten, but that was about the size of it.)
  16. DS

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    hey jlphotog,Are you in Fort MacMurray? there aint much else up there.I`m surprised that an owl would be your mention here instead of grizzlies or lost polar bears.In the winter,is there a ups dogsled (reindeer?) that leaves from Edmonton each night with the ground packages? I guess its easy for the drivers to see the house #s at night ,when the sun goes down after midnight.Whats it like?
  17. jlphotog

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    No I'm in Edmonton. But being born and raised in Hamilton, this is north for me.

    Edmonton and Hamilton... the two teams that didn't make the playoffs this year.
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    So I would bet that there are more Canadian geese permenently residing in the states than in Canada.
  19. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Not really Helen. Geese do not reside, they migrate. In my youth, I use to goose hunt in the rice fields around Katy, TX. Literally, you could see flocks coming in from the horizon and when they landed they looked like a tornado swirling down. Just last night, while I was delivering in the rain at 8:30pm I could hear a flock of geese honking ,on their way south. It made a tough day better. I remembered how freaking cold it was sitting in a rice field at 4:00am(wet) in 30 degree weather and thinking I was having fun. The sound of their honking made me glad I was only walking 100ft to drop a package at someone's doorstep and making $40.00 an hour (overtime) to do it. I remember being so cold and my fingers so numb that I could not press the safety off on my shotgun. At least what we killed, we ate. It was not done just in blood lust.
  20. thelus

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    though remember when encountering a wild animal on your route your diad can also be used as a personal defense device :wink: also if its a bad neighborhood and you feel your life would be threatened by wild animals just driver release and throw the package out of your moving truck remember not to do that with hivals or comm stops