Need help with break/lunch rules for PT employees.


Does anyone know how much break time PT employees are supposed to get for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 hour days?

At the hub where I work we usually work 6 hours a days, but only get a 15 minute break. I thought 15 minutes of break was only good for 4 hours, but not more than 5 hours, of work. Which would mean if I work 6 hours, and only receive a 15 minute break, UPS would owe me 10 minutes worth of wages. Am I right?

Every Sunday we work close to 8 hours, but we get a 30 minute lunch. My friend says despite the fact that they're giving us a 30 min. lunch, we're still supposed to get compensation for "missing break time". I'm pretty sure he's wrong, but I just want to make sure.



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What does your contract say?
What does the Business Agent say?
What does your state department of labor say?

I would ask them because we all know the company will screw us every chance they get.


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Trick has got the answer for you. You need to know what language you fall under in your contract. There are many different contracts out there and many are quite different from others.

And if there are any questions about what you read, your BA should be able to answer your questions for you.

But do check it out. UPS has and will take great liberties with our paid time, and in some cases even expect us to work during lunch without taking it, but yet will fire an employee that "steals" one minute of time.

I agree you should check out your contractual and legal breaks and meal times. But Danny you are wrong with your statement
"and in some cases even expect us to work during lunch without taking it, but yet will fire an employee that "steals" one minute of time.'.

If you work through your lunch it is nobodies fault but your own. And you can't make me believe that anyone got fired for one minute. Most of the folks that I have seen fired for "stealing time" were idiots that thought they were smarter than everyone else and establishing a pattern of milking the clock with extra breaks or extended lunches


Hmmm... Didn't think about that. Well yes I will check it out, and yes UPS are realy A-holes when it comes to this stuff. I know they owe us time when we work 6 hour days, and only get a 10 minute break, or at least that's what everyone says. But they almost never pay up. People have to constantly bug our stupidvisors.... errr, supervisors to pay up. I've even seen them go up to pay roll to make sure they get paid.

I never bother with it before, because I figured it was only 5 or 10 minutes, but those minutes do add up. Especially now that we are working more hours, and now it is starting to bug me. I know they owe me money, and when I do get the right info, I will make them eat their own words. "Your stealing my break time! PAY UP!"