Need Help!



Well, i posted a couple of week's ago about possibly getting a ups job. i went through the second interview and everything went well. the driver that was going to retire this year had a change of heart and is staying another year.

So I asked about the other facility that had a opening. within two day's i got a call for an interview there (only 15 miles away) plus it's closer to my home but only runs around 11-15 truck's. i went to the interview and everything went awsome. the sup really liked me and we shot the crap for quite a while about everything. he said he had a couple more interviews the next day. so i let two day's go by and called him back. i asked if he made a decision and he laughed and said, "well corp. never sent down any other interviews." he said " i dont want to get your hopes to high but i really liked you" my interview was on tuesday and i called him on thursday.

do you guy's think i should call him this comming week? should i call?

during the interview i kept commenting on how great the beni's were, since i once had a great job with a top fortune 500 company and commented on how i miss the beni's. he said many my age (24) dont appreciate the job. but i assured him that with plans on starting a family soon that the beni's were invaluable to me! (he liked that a great deal)

I REALLY WANT THIS JOB! so what's your advice folks?



also, what job's are out there in ups? or pay scale "estimates"

what about air driving?
tractor trailer ? (same as above?)
package delivery

Is there a list of the jobs available somewhere i could look at, with descriptions?

Is the package delivery the cream of the crop?

Should i jump at any opportunity given to help me advance?

Thanks for all the help again!


go for pkg driver,its hard work but you can have
the choice of staying or going into mngmt.
And I`d say yea,keep bugging him.


well I just talked to someone at the "corp" level that said they were working on my background check. they told me to get online and fill out some additional info. i had to fill out the W2's direct deposit, and some other personal info. looks like i'm in. she said she was trying to get me in by the end of the week!! i also called to talk to the sup. at the hub and he said were trying to get ya in by the end of the week! this is before he knew that i talked to the corp person.

i think this (ups employment) will compliment my other non-benefit providing full time job! I'll probably jump at the chance to go full time if or whenever the situation arrises!

I'm on pins and needles!

thanks folks!