Need info/advice re:FMLA and Short term disability please

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    I am really not sure what to do. I know I need time off from work due to depression/anxiety but I don't know how to go about doing this or if a mental health issue is covered. I really can't wait much longer because it is getting taxing to have to go in to work feeling this way and having to try and act "normal". I don't feel comfortable talking to any of my management about this. Another dilemna I have is the money I am going to miss if I do file a claim. Does anyone know how long a claim takes to be filed? I know FMLA is without pay so I would rather try to file short term disability but I'm worried that I'll be denied b/c of mental illness. If I am denied and have to return to work, can they enforce disciplinary action from being off and missing (i'm on my written 2)? I also don't know if I need to be off for a period of time first before filing?
    If anyone knows these procedures please let me know. I have tried to contact HR but to no avail. Thanks!
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    Call your local. Ask about the Teamsters Assistance Program. They will walk you through the steps needed. UPS has no reason or right to know why you need time off. It is between you and your MD.
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    Call HR
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    You are covered under your teamster disability benefits. At least in the central region I know for sure because I've seen it many times before. Take care of yourself first the job can wait. Smile Jesus loves you
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    Seek medical help.
    Let the doctor decide what the source of your anxiety is and a course of treatment.
    Then, and only then, have a meeting with the company; with your steward and business agent present to evaluate your options.
    If it's the job that's causing your problems, you may be eligible for workers comp.
    If you go down that road the checks will be bigger, but UPS will fight it to end.
    Good luck and take care of yourself.
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    Doing this will make it part of your permanent file. I know this is not how I would handle it. It is between you and your MD.
    He can take you out of work with a simple note. No details needed. Ask for disability leave, not FMLA. This way you still get a form of income. If and when your disability runs out and you still need time, then you write a letter to HR requesting leave, accompanied by a doctor's note. Still no details needed.