need to start back drug testing!!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by fups, Jan 21, 2003.

  1. fups

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    i know when i first started i had to pee in a cup... all up until 2 years ago maybe.. .they stop the test??? why? maybe in each hub they differ??

    and people wonder why we have people in this company that steal and abuse the ups codes and whatnot. I say do a background check and drug test on all greenhorns... "but its just a part-time job" you say,, but with all the benefits we get..please... i say TEST EM'
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    Drug tests are not good at finding the drugs that do require massive capital. Coke is gone in less than 2 days. If the tests were any good at predicting thievery then I would be all for them. All they do is keep people from smoking pot for 30 days or make them spend $30.

    My hub has never tested. We do not have major problems with theft.
  3. fups

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    well... in MEMPHIS... we do. not saying drugs is the problem ,, but a person that does them doesn't have much respect for others.. coming in late, calling in all the time, stealing, you know , leads to other things... plus testing WEEDS out crappy lazy people i think,,nothing like it use to be thats all i know.
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    In a sense, I am lazy. I only work 4 or 5 hours in a day. In another sense, I am a hard worker because I spend those 4 or 5 doing the very best I can for UPS, the union, and more importantly, the rest of the people I work with. I have been measured at 1800 pph unloading a dropframe loaded with mostly centers. So, what is your definition of lazy?

    I am a minute late almost more than I am not.

    Remember, UPS made ~$115k per teamster last year. That was after they paid and gave benefits to the teamster. Teamsters averaged $17k in take home pay. I hear that the benefits average $10k in a year. I don't want to hear that a person that only does 275 instead of 325 loading an hour is lazy.

    If your hub has a problem with stealing it is because people are not telling on them. All it would take is information about $5k. I told them about someone stealing once. Next thing you know, he is in the unload with a camera on him. He didn't steal again and quit a month later. He was a dope smoker, but that doesn't make him odd in my hub. I didn't get my money, but at the time it was a major factor in deciding what I did when I saw him do it.

    The answer is certainly not to waste $30 bucks so that somebody else has to do the same and STILL steal from you. If they can steal from you, what keeps them from stealing the detox? An honest dope smoker certainly never pees in a cup. ;)
  5. fups

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    bet you'll change your tone when you go f/t if you go.

    get dope outcha veins and hope in yo brain!! you'll get nowhere smokin' on tha pipe.

    unloading.... takes alot of thinking to do that... ummm throw boxes on a belt,,ummmm ok boss.
  6. johnny_b

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    I am not a dopehead, but it is very prevalent in my area. Many of the people I work with talk about it a lot while at work. I mentioned my speed unloading because I wanted you to know I do a good job and that I expect a reasonable amount of performance from those around me. Resorting to rhetoric to defend your point is lazy, a trait you asserted belonging to dopeheads.

    Tell me why we should drug test? Obviously, you can't.
  7. fups

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    ups gives out benefits for any ol' joe i guess? maybe the reason we stopped the test is because we lost soo many people to FedEx? it is right across the street.

    when it is accepted (weed) in the US maybe i'll change my mind.... Hurt you back at work and see what happens, you'll be making hamburgers the next day.

    i'm just saying with all the stuff that is handed to us at UPS they should at least drug test us. then there would be MORE , not saying that YOU are not, Quailty workers there
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    I am amazed that UPS doesnt at least regularly test anyone that drives. Id be happy to provide a sample of my inner self anytime they requested one. I have a personal policy of notifying my supervisor of any prescription drug I use.
  9. fups

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    the only people that they random test is feeders i think? get hurt or have a fenderbender then you'll get tested. or if someone suspects then they can.
  10. upsdude

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    I think you're correct about feeders. I seem to remember feeder guys getting tested after most any accident. I'm thinking this is a DOT deal.
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    WE had a feeder driver that went through testing and failed (no suprise, he sure liked to smoke) Went through rehab and they tested him on his first day back. :censored2: had smoked several the night before, and one on the way to work. Needless to say, after 13 years as a del driver and 1 in feeders, he is unemployed with us forever.

  12. smf0605

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    Feeder drivers fall into a random pool for drug testing as per DOT regulations.
    Pre-employment drug testing of Feeder Drivers is also mandatory.
    The DOT does not require drug testing for drivers of smaller vehicles (such as package cars).
    Drug testing for any employee after EAP is written into the contract.
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    Let me guess..

    He doesnt have a problem. Thinks the stuff should be legalized. And finally, He drives BETTER after smoking one of those things.

    I agree with your observation, he is indeed an unintelligent donkey.