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    I am currently working for U.S.P.S as a city carrier i have been there almost a year as a casual which isnt full time i am currently a T.E which is a temporary employee which i can stay there for 2 years then after 2 years ill get on as a PTF which is another 9 months then after the 9 months ill have 18 months before i could tranfer to so thats almost 4 years of carrying which i cant stand mainly due to the weather. I am lookin for someones opinion on what to do im thinking if i switch to UPS i know ill be making way less money than i am now but ive heard that once u work your way up at UPS they pay better and is alot easier to work your way up. I am the type of person that demands perfection to whatever i do can someone please tell me will i be making the right choice can someone compare the differences between U.S.P.S and UPS
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    im not looking to be a ups driver i was thinkin a package handler which i heard u have to start off part time i had heard its alot easier to work your way up and right now i have no benefits with the post office as to were you can have benefits being part time with ups.

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