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monte, I just reread where you don't think money or volume should be parameters for which company is number one.

I'm sorry, but I am kind of leaning to speed's diagnoses now.


bring something to the table
anyone know what market share means, If so can you help our buddy over here. that is amazing that that local del company your speaking about took away market share from UPS.. wow

here is that debt thing again. didnt we go over this awhile ago and you or irony were supposed to show us just how much debt Fedex is in?? never happened did it?? how come,
at least give me a few examples to show me where you feel the debt is?? aircraft? hubs/stations? kinkos? parcel direct? Fedex Forum. common...take a chance

oh dont make any mistake about it, Fedex ground,freight,etc. is FEDEX. ground is far and away the fastest growing company under the Fedex brand. I dont knock any of the companies, they are doing a great job. I just happen to work for Express. I dont handle any ground pkgs because we dont deliver any ground packages. remember, UPS is a ground company that intergrated air into its network. Fedex express air is in a much larger scale and is set up only for express pkgs. Keeping ground seperate is a model that Fedex thinks will be more efficient. only time will tell but they seem to be right so far


just how long HAS DHL been around for anyway. Cant wait for your spin on this one either. I know this is not going to be a fact either because you said so but ill throw it out there anyway.

Where does the name DHL come from?

These are the first letters of the last names of the three company founders, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn.

In 1969, just months after the world had marvelled at Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon, the three partners took another small step that would have a profound impact on the way the world does business.

The founders began to personally ship papers by airplane from San Francisco to Honolulu, beginning customs clearance of the ship's cargo before the actual arrival of the ship and dramatically reducing waiting time in the harbour.

Customers stood to save a fortune.

With this concept, a new industry was born: international air express, the rapid delivery of documents and shipments by airplane.

The DHL Network continued to grow at an incredible pace. The company expanded westward from Hawaii into the Far East and Pacific Rim, then the Middle East, Africa and Europe. By 1988, DHL was already present in 170 countries and had 16,000 employees.

wow, it was started way way back in 69. wow i wasnt even born yet. your right, im wrong, it has been around alot longer than I thought!! hehehe


I need the laughs, I like watching you dig yourself into a hole with your spin zone, Im in the middle of a closing so Ive been on this thing alot this weekend. Even though you ran out of steam along time ago, I like to see your trying. (even if it is your spin) Do you need a break?
I still havent heard if speed would like me to post the article. Still havent gotten a response from Worldwide about the "secret weapon" that UPS has been developing that has only been out since 2002.
And last but not least my boy irony. Im waiting to here if that new tracking technology is what he was posting about. I also have an article for him...where are you hiding bro!!



I see how you operate. YOU quote a magazine article (Fortune Most Admired) to back up a claim YOU said was in the article (UPS has more late packages than Fedex). When I call you on it, you ask for me to post the article? That's rich. To defend YOUR claim, you ask someone else to post the article to back up YOUR claim? You must have been a star on the debate team asking the other team to defend your claims.

If you actually had the Most Admired edition (March 5, 2005, in case you don't), you would know that it is 98% lists (that I previously posted for the delivery industry). No where is there any reference to what you claimed.

If you had any integrity, you would simply say that you posted YOUR opinion, that you THINK that UPS delivers more packages late than Fedex. Would it be so difficult to do that? If you have no integrity, than it would be difficult for you to do that.

Don't forget, The Parcel Shipping & Distribution Best Practice Survey concluded that UPS was best-in-class in several categories, including customer service, delivery performance (i.e., driver courtesy, package handling) and pricing.

BTW, the DIAD IV is being rolled out this year to 32,000 drivers in the U.S. and another 8,000 drivers around the world. DIAD IV will support four different wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, GPRS, CDMA and Bluetooth. The devices are powered by Microsoft Windows CE .Net and include a Global Positioning System. Just a little more sophisticated than the powerpad. Glad that you have been capturing signatures electronically for a couple of years, UPS has enjoyed doing that for ten. Fedex may want to consider leaving packages at a residential address without a signature, I hear that is a popular feature with UPS service...


ahhhh thank you worldwide,
yes I asked you to post it. YOU ARE SAYING IM WRONG! prove it,,,all i have to do is cut and paste it, If you said you looked into it prove to me and everyone elese here that im wrong..whats so hard about that??
you said you already checked it out.

how about understanding what you are talking about now?
where did you come up with most admired edition??
what the heck are you talking about bro?


where did you say that UPS fell on that list, just curious


"BTW, the power pad that is rolling out next year with Fedex sounds just like that litte old thing that UPS has been using for about 10 years-the DIAD.

"It's expected to cut paperwork handled by FedEx administrators because customers can sign their names directly onto the PowerPad screen instead of paper bar-coded sheets."

Wow, cutting edge technology there--glad Fedex figured it out 10 years after UPS."

For the record, I regularly sign for UPS packages, all electronically of course, and usually FedEx Ground packages I sign for are electronic too. One day my driver came with a FedEx Express package and he also had a clipboard and pen for me to sign on, I just thought it was really weird to be signing with pen & paper in this age. They also do that when I pick up packages at their hub.



"where did you come up with most admired edition?? what the heck are you talking about bro?"

OK, so here is how you operate. First, claim something but not back it up with a link, a simple reference or a cut and paste of the reference. Second, ask someone else to prove what you said is true. as oppposed to simply proving yourself (most rational people can support their claims). Third, claim ignorance about it when pressed.

Since you have selective memory, here are your claims, in the order you made them:

"im sure pkgs can and do get lost in the fedex express system, just not nearly as many as in the UPS system."

"ALL FACTS and i put the source where you can look for yourself. in this case you can look it up in fortune. FEDEX came out number 1 (AGAIN) in 2005 in the shipping category. IF you do your research you will see its broken down by ontime del and pickups, customer service, customer satisfaction, handling claims, etc... not my opinion, just facts."

"check out how they determine the rankings for this and look where UPS placed. fedex had far and away the fewest amount of misorts."

Since this is getting redundant, try to redeem your integrity one last time.

Please cut and paste the exact quote from Fortune that says UPS losses more packages then Fedex. I don't have anything to post because that quote is not in the article. You are making it up. I have posted the categories that UPS got #1 in and the categories that Fedex got #1 in. Sorry, no quotes in the Most Admired edition that say what you claim. If there was, you would have posted them by now.

The "Eight Key Attributes of Reputation" used in the delivery industry in the Fortune article are: Innovation, Employee talent, Use of corporate assets, Social responsibility, Quality of management, Financial soundness, Long-term investment and Quality of products/services. There is NO reference to "ontime del and pickups, customer service, customer satisfaction, handling claims, etc..." as you claim in the Most Admired edition (3/7/05 edition)

BTW, UPS has been the number one rated delivery company in their category for 20 years in a row. 2005 was the FIRST year they finished ahead of UPSby a paper-thin margin of 0.02 point. I only mention this as you posted that Fedex finished #1 (again). Statistically, not a significant amount and one year does not make a trend.


monte, it's hilarious where you decide who is "winning" an argument and who is giving quality statements and facts.

Amazing that it seems to just be you, according to you.

Speed is on the money, albeit not very diplomatic.

Ummm, monte you apparently are not aware that DHL is a spin off of the German Post Office that is still financially connected to it?

Perhaps you think the German Post Office is a relatively recent start up.

I know what market share is.

It's what UPS has and fedex wants.

It's what gets you the most revenue and packages (UPS far more than fedex in all it's various names, divisions and colors).

Losers and debt ridden companies concentrate their talk in terms of growing market share when they can't say they are leading an industry.

fedex has bought and is still trying to patch together a bunch of individual companies to try to pretend they have a real integrated system.

Stating that the approach is on purpose (rather than all that they could afford to do) and that they think a bunch of separate companies is more efficient (that have to uselessly replicate so many functions) is about as lame a spin as any fedex has tried, or perhaps that was just you.

"the debt is?? aircraft? hubs/stations? kinkos? parcel direct?"

Yep, sounds like you named most of it.

Defend your own company; I ain't doing it for you.

The saying, "if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch" kind of fits here.

"Wannabee" rings a bell as well.

Course, that's just another name for "brown envy" where some poor sap spends his time on the competition's board because just dwelling on the number four company's board apparently only, engenders feelings of inadequacy.

You have to realize, you are the one with the brown envy from the fourth place debt ridden company coming onto a website of people from the cash rich, dominant, number one delivery company in the world.

Moreluck, point taken.



Monte, are you checking out Fortune online?

If not, please tell me what page to find the "claims section" you mention as I have the Most Admired edition in front of me. You must have the page it is on, correct?


what happened to traveler?
off to tahiti then nothing
dont they have the brown cafe there?


Here Monte, just for you!

I'm sure everyone here has heard of J.D. Power & Associates.

I took the liberty of copying the whole article just for you. I would prefer not to do it this way as it seems like a waste of space. I did it for your benefit since you don't seem the read all the facts in a web link.

J.D. Power and Associates Reports:
UPS Ranks Highest in Small-Package Delivery Customer Satisfaction
Among Ground, Air and International Business Customers


WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.UPS ranks highest in business customer satisfaction for domestic air, ground and international delivery, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Small-Package Delivery Service Business Customer Satisfaction StudySM released today.

This study is based on 913 telephone interviews with shipping managers and other business personnel at U.S. businesses that have at least 10 employees at a specific location and spend $10,000 or more annually to ship small packages (up to 150 lbs.).

UPS performs particularly well in all three segments in the areas of shipping and delivery, delivery drivers, delivery tracking and communication. FedEx follows UPS in the domestic air, ground and international rankings.

"There are many aspects of the business customers experience that impact satisfactionfrom the account executive to pricing to delivery drivers to tracking," said Linda Schulz, partner at J.D. Power and Associates. "Overall, UPS leads the way in each of the three service segmentsdomestic ground, domestic air and internationaldemonstrating a strong commitment to customer satisfaction."

Overall, domestic air customers are more satisfied with their service than are the domestic ground and international customers surveyed. However, domestic ground customers indicate that they are more likely to increase their business with a specific carrier in the next year because of an anticipated increase in company sales or growth.

Nearly 80 percent of UPS domestic ground and domestic air customers indicate that they definitely will continue to use UPS in the future, while 70 percent or more of UPS air and international customers indicate that they will continue to use the carrier. In addition, nearly 70 percent of UPS customers note that they are likely to recommend the carrier to others across each of the three segments.

Airborne (recently acquired by DHL), DHL, FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) are included in the study. Airborne, DHL and USPS did not have sufficient sample to meet the international service award ranking criteria. DHL did not have sufficient sample to meet the ground service award ranking criteria, while DHL and USPS did not have sufficient sample to meet the domestic air service award ranking criteria.

Headquartered in Westlake Village, Calif., J.D. Power and Associates is an ISO 9001-registered global marketing information services firm operating in key business sectors including market research, forecasting, consulting, training and customer satisfaction. The firms quality and satisfaction measurements are based on responses from millions of consumers annually.

No advertising or other promotional use can be made of the information in this release without the express prior written consent of J.D. Power and Associates.


What happened to Monte???

Monte, are you checking out Fortune online?

If not, please tell me what page to find the "claims section" you mention as I have the Most Admired edition in front of me. You must have the page it is on, correct?


double standard,

Heard my name mentioned!

When we are away I purposely sever contact with the outside world, even <font color="996633">Brown</font><font color="000000">.

Tahiti was great, even better was Bora Bora, Raratonga, Huahine, Raiatea and Moorea. It is hard to believe how relatively untouched these islands are though Tahiti is somewhat comercialized. They are just too far from civilization and too expensive (Gasoline about $7.00 per gallon... yeah, quit complaining about our prices!! Mayonaise about $8.00 a jar in the market.) Interestingly, all the people seem to be quite friendly, even the French folks.

Hey, I did notice that the ANALysts really dug into FredEx. It's about time the felt their wrath. I haven't finished catching up so I wont ask "where's Monte?"</font>


Fedex got a little hair of the dog this week.

They slapped the Brown giant last year and are now paying the price. It brought no small amount of joy to my heart to see UPS reaffirm their earnings estimates after FedEx reported less than acceptable results.

This happens every 5 - 10 years. Look at the mid-90's FedEx starts taking market share. UPS takes notices gears up and takes it back. Same cycle this time. UPS looked away and paid for it - refocused, and is coming on strong.

Sometimes it's better to let a sleeping dog lie.

Fred and the boys had it coming.



I have noticed that Monte has been extremely quiet recently--has he gone into hiding---anybody heard from him?? I have seen his name mentioned on several of the threads---but he has not responded.......could he have choked to death on his own words??