New Break Policy?

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  1. We were told recently that all routes are now required (by policy) to take a 1.5 hour break daily. Has anyone else heard of this? I haven't done it and don't plan on doing it. Just seems like just another way of bullying couriers into giving up more money. Thanks, FedEx.


    Our break policy changes weekly; whatever's our management team mood is, period.
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    May I ask what region you are in?
  4. Rhoderunner

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    We were told yest 30 mins for up to 6 hours worked and a full hour for those over 8 hours worked. Sounds fishy to me.
  5. StuffItFred

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    Sounds like BS to me. If that is the case I would make sure I took my 1.5hr break at 1330 so at 1501 I can start the rest of my SOS deliveries and have at a min 20 lates! Stick it right back up their a**!
  6. MrFedEx

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    30 mins up to 6 hrs and 60 mins for 8 hrs has been the standard for awhile now.
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    Yes that is corp policy, and for a while managers were allowing only 30min for the day(everyday)

    and since split pay is gone taking a 1.5hr break has no benefit.
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  9. Rhoderunner

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    Yes but we've had a few try the ole "If you're full time it's a hour no matter what" crap. Whatever suits them at the time is what they try to get away with.
  10. Mr. 7

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    Even that's not true.
  11. overflowed

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    I haven't taken a full hour break in about 3 or 4 months. Why would I do such a thing?
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    My state law says:
    If more than 5 hours are worked in a shift:

    • Workers must be allowed at least a 30-minute meal period.
    • Workers must be at least 2 hours into the shift before the meal time can start.
    • The meal time cannot start more than 5 hours after the beginning of the shift.

    Ive never seen anything that says an employer cant make you take a longer meal break...That being said it still makes no sense since you will still be working the same amount, just out later. IMO, the company is just trying to make our lives as miserable as they can, afterall, misery loves company lol.
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    If everybody takes a full we are supposed to!!!and maybe a few packages would be missed!!!,,they might have to put a route or3 in!!!
  14. SmithBarney

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  15. I need to check my state laws because with all the late freight we are still getting we are made to go on break to wait for the CTV's. Also there are a lot of routes that take breaks at the end of the day after all their work is done. I take my break in the middle of the day on a normal day but I'm pretty much forced to take an early break when the freight is late or ill be sweeping the warehouse if I chose not to go on break.
  16. Rhoderunner

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    Your break can not be in the first or last hour of your shift. If they tell you to go on break for late CTV in that first hour they are breaking corp policy.
  17. MrFedEx

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    Wait for CTV time should be Code 43, which is Late Aircraft/Late CTV. Funny how they bend the rules when they suit FedEx, isn't it? As Rhoderunner said, your break cannot be during the first of last hour of your shift.
  18. Mr. 7

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    All during peak, when we were waiting for late frt. and they were telling us to take a lunch, I never did. I'd just stay in code 30.
    I take a lunch when I want to take a lunch which is gonna be in the middle of the day.
  19. Yes I know but since the first of the year we are still having late freight and are told to go on break until the next truck gets to my location. I just never thought about it could be a state law that's being violated. I resist going on break but end up doing it because I don't want to be doing BS work while I wait for the truck. During peak I didn't go on break while we waited for freight.
  20. overflowed

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    No, you shouldn't be on break. You should be on a code for Delay.