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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Kyle-ProRI, Feb 12, 2008.

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    I started 8/21/07, I received my first $.50 90 days later. Now on Aug. 1st will I receive the intial new contract raise and my addional $.50 on 8/21/08 ? How is this going to work? I don't see me being able to get a $.80 raise in a single month..
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    I think you do. Welcome to the benefits of a union where you get big raises. I got a dollar raise all at once in my starting days.
  3. Kyle-ProRI

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    so ill get the 30 or 35 on the first, then my other 50 on the 21... thats what im talkin about
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    Go learn some skilled positions and get the raises for them also.
  5. Kyle-ProRI

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    I am trying. I currently unload feeders for 3 hours and then run high value 1 hour pre-air arrival.

    I was injured in HS and was actually forced to drop out. I am currently trying to obtain my GED and get some schooling. Prior to dropping out, I was in my 3rd year of CISCO Networking. All gone to waste. Hoping I can get back in the IT field and do something with my life. Other than that I am enjoying my new born daughter... Life is great.. :peaceful:
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    I dropped out of HS also but out of choice. Luckily I got my GED 1 year later.
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    Seeing as I am fully exp. on preload/ High Value preload duties, should my next step to move up in Pgk. delivery/handler or shoot for security??

    Also has anyone seen pablo s. in their center? Last I heard he was in Norwood.
  8. Fnix

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    Driver cause its union.
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    shoot for security? lol shoot for them or at them?

    First question you asked; you'll get the Aug 1st raise, then another 35cents whatever in February.

    Honestly if you want make any money, you need to drive at some point. It's going to be quite a bit more difficult to get a full time job now with no combos opening up. You should try to get work on Saturdays driving airs to get started. then sit back and wait for a full-time spot to open (might take awhile, but then again youre in PVD)
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    Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)


    Like most things on BrownCafe, the more people you ask, the more different answers you'll get.

    I've been "charting" the confusing wage schedules for part-timers for the last few contracts. Here's how I interpret this one . . .

    You get a 50-cent raise on August 1, 2008 because you are switching from the 90-day pay rate of the old contract, to the 90-day pay rate of the new contract. This means you don't get the 35-cent raise, unfortunately.

    Then on August 21, 2008 you get a one year progression raise of 50 cents. And a 35-cent raise on February, 1 2009.

    Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)
    Under Old Contract:
    8-21-07...... $8.50 Start Date/Seniority Date
    11-21-07... $9.00 Start Plus 90 Calendar Days (50-cent progression raise)
    New Contract Raises Now Take Effect:
    8-1-08........ $9.50 (50-cent progression raise.) The 90-Day Rate In New Contract now applies to you. No 35-cent raise because the 50-cent raise exceeded it.
    8-21-08...... $10.00 (50-cent progression raise.) The only Anniversary Raise you'll get. Future Anniversary Raises in years two, three, and four are moot because you will already be making more than those rates.
    2-1-09........ $10.35 (35-cent raise)
    8-1-09........ $10.725 (37.5-cent raise)
    8-21-09........ Zero. You are already making more than $10.50
    2-1-10........ $11.10 (37.5-cent raise)
    8-1-10........ $11.475 (37.5-cent raise)
    8-21-10........ Zero. You are already making more than $11.00
    2-1-11........ $11.85 (37.5-cent raise)
    8-1-11........ $12.275 (42.5-cent raise)
    8-21-11........ Zero. You are already making more than $11.87
    2-1-12........ $12.70 (42.5-cent raise)
    8-1-12........ $13.175 (47.5-cent raise)
    8-21-12........ Zero.
    2-1-13........ $13.65 (47.5-cent raise)
    [8-1-13...........NEWS FLASH FROM THE FUTURE: UPS announces it may be forced to declare bankruptcy unless Teamsters Union negotiators allows it to pay Minimum Wage to new-hire part-timers for five more years! "Thirty-one years of $8.00/$8.50 has not been enough. We can't compete. We need concessions," a UPS spokesman said.]

    - - - - -
    There could be yearly Cost Of Living Adjustments, but only if the COLA formula is triggered. Usually inflation isn't high enough to trigger the payment.

    Raises ending in a half cent may be rounded up to the next higher cent. If so, this may add up to 4 cents additional.

    The above rates all assume you are under the "All Other" pay rate. If you switch at any time to the "Preloader/Sorter" pay rate, add a dollar to the rates from that point on.
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    Re: Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)


    Is this some sort of TDU math ??? or is it a TDU interpretation of the contract ???

    Part-time employee's must complete a four (4) year progression before they start recieving the annual contractual raises.

    ie: .50 cents a year on the anniversary of their seniority date until they complete progression.

    I'm sure you have confused alot of people with your last post.

  12. JonFrum

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    Re: Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)


    Kyle is an existing part-timer. You are talking as if he is a new hire part-timer.

    Read Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b), and Understanding will descend upon you.
  13. JonFrum

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    Re: Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)


    In both the old and new contract, the part-time progression is five years, not four. Deceptive language makes a lot of people think it's only four. But if you "do the math" you'll see it's actually five.

    And to clarify one point. I said Kyle gets a 50-cent progression raise on August 1, 2008, but not the 35-cent general wage increase. That's true. But you could also say he gets the 35-cent raise, and then a partial 15-cent raise on top of it, to bring him up to $9.50. Either way, he gets 50-cents on August 1, 2008.
  14. 705red

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    Re: Article 22 - Part-time Employees, Section 5 - Wages, (a) & (b)

    Bug i believe jon is right, he is an existing ptimer that attained seniority before the new contract was signed. This progression language covers new ptimers that are hired during the current contract.