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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ramrod7373, May 22, 2013.

  1. ramrod7373

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    I have read over the proposed new contract, the only thing I see wrong with the Nor Cal Rider is they are forcing us to take a hour lunch. I would still like have the option to take a half hour if I like. But now it looks like all us Nor Cal drivers will HAVE to take a hour....I DON"T LIKE IT!!!! What goes on in the rest of the country?
  2. BrownArmy

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    Here in NE we are 'forced' to take an hour lunch.

    I would kill to be able to take a thirty-minute lunch (not really, I don't have a violent bone in my body:wink2:).

    But it seems you're in Cali, IIRC y'all had some problems with lunches, etc.

    Anyway, take your lunch...I read the newspaper on my lunch break, weather permitting I'll take a green LLBean bag and use it as a pillow and take a nap, etc.

    (If I was a conspiracy-theorist, I would conclude that UPS and the UNION are in collusion, 'forcing' hourlies to take an hour lunch, thereby saving ONE GABILLION dollars a year due to lunch-skippers...)

    Don't give in to the conspiracy, take your lunch.
  3. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    To quote management:

    You are required and instructed to input 1hr of lunch every day.
  4. Buck Fifty

    Buck Fifty New Member

    Required 1 hr in the South.
  5. soberups

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    We can take anything between 1/2 and a full hour for lunch at our own discretion. The only time the company can force you to take a full hour is if you have a scheduled late pickup and there isnt enough work on the car with only a half hour lunch to keep you busy until the scheduled time for the pickup. "Forced" hour lunches are nothing but a scam on the part of the company to try and get free, off-the-clock labor from drivers who just want to get home to their families at a reasonable time. If you have such language as part of your local Rider, you should work on getting it changed.
  6. iowa boy

    iowa boy Well-Known Member

    Where I'm at, we can take a 20 minute unpaid and 10 minute paid or the 50 and 10 if we so desire.
  7. neartom

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    If every driver would religiously take their one hour lunch from 12 to 1 every day, it would result in missed service ( closed business at 5) and would require the co to add trucks.
  8. Wally

    Wally Hailing from Parts Unknown.

    We get the full hour. Drivers refuse to take it or take it at strange times like at the end of the day, total violation of laws. Of course this helps the company by jacking up numbers and cuts down on drivers. The union says nothing. Can the Union do something? Yes they can. I do believe there was a lawsuit some years back by a local in PA. Right after that, the company was checking for packages scanned during break time. It was a big deal for a while then it kind of faded away. Maybe because numbers tanked?

    It would seem real easy to check DIAD reports to see who is working during meal/break times. That's one report I would like to see up on the office wall each morning.
  9. Indecisi0n

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    Nope. I call for business help then a runner comes take the remainder of my business stops off me. I'm ok with that.
  10. bottomups

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    1/2 hour lunch required in Wisconsin between the 3rd and 6th hour.
    This time of year I use it to do some of my grocery "shopping".
    So far this week I picked around 5 lbs of asparagus and 8 lbs of morel mushrooms.

    Very soon I will start packing the fishing rod and chill out on someones pier everyday for the rest of the summer. Those days I wish I had an hour!
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    45 minute lunch taken between the 3rd and 5th hours. Uncertainty whether the new DOT 30 minute rule will change this or not. 30 minutes would be fine with me.
  12. ramrod7373

    ramrod7373 New Member

    We can as of right now take between a 1/2 hour and hour. We used to have to take a hour and it was brutal. I wouldn't mind a hour lunch if I was close to my house, but I just took a easier rte in a differnet county (25 min south) in a different town and am going to be bored to death with a hour. I guess I will need to find something to do. We have drivers that go to very remote parts of the mountains and will have to take their hour lunch in the snow during winter. The half hour is great, just enough time to eat and relax but not get bored. I guess I will need to sleep in and read the paper on lunch insted of before work. I only del maybe 35-50 business and 65-80 resi and drive 150+ miles.
  13. AlwaysChafed

    AlwaysChafed Member

    I'm the same I'd rather get 30 and be home 30 earlier.