new contract raise?

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  1. brother in brown

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    I have been out on work comp for a couple months. A month or two before we or I should say most of us got a raise. I heard there was suppose to be another one after that? Maybe once the contract was in place or something to that effect? Has anyone got a copy of the new contract yet?
  2. brown67

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    Raise is split in two equal parts. First half on August 1st and second half on the following Feb. 1st.

    Pay raise as follows:

    2008 .70 .35 on Aug. 1st 2008 .35 on Feb. 1st 2009
    2009 .75
    2010 .75
    2011 .85
    2012 .95

    Not sure how they will spit 2009-2012 since they are odd numbers, but you get the idea.
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    The printed Contract has been out for two months now. Get one at your Union hall. It's also online here . . .

    Don't count on seeing all those raises though. The Teamster Negotiating Committee can "re-allocate" your raises to the Pension and Health & Welfare Funds if they get in further financial trouble. And with the recent stock market drop, I think its safe to say most funds are in trouble.