New Contract seems Promising

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Loyal Teamster, May 31, 2013.

  1. This new contract is full of rewarding opportunities. If we pass this contract we'll have the freedom to forge our career path and continue growing within the company. I hope all of you make your research and vote YES on this contract, it can't get any better.

    Loyal Teamster
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    Jimmy Hoffa III?
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    Was there a sale on brown Kool-Aid at Sam's Club?
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    Reincarnation of Tieguy.

    ​Just dumber.
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    So, you're a shill?

    Nice rants early on, to set the stage, 'loyal teamster'.

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    Seems like one of those guys who gets hired to go on forums and post w/e his employer wants.... You could have at least tried to sound like you weren't spouting propaganda....

    The real question is... who sent you? IBT, or UPS?
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    What a load of excrement..............

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Textbook bipolar.
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    Have you made union yet?
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    Does paying a little higher co-pays and yearly deductibles make it feel like we are already starting to pay for our benefits? Don't get me wrong, I know we have it good but I don't trust UPS and anything they do. If there is something that is presented by them as positive, I will always second, third and forth guess them.
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    He must be in MGMT posing as a Teamster... OR, he/she can not read, or lacks word comprehension !!
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    ​Make your research?

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    Textbook tool. Create a facade that makes you seem like one stereotype, take a full 180-degree turn on your stances and attempt to circumvent skepticism by wowing the group with whom you're speaking with radical changes in what they initially perceived to be a personality concrete in irrationality. Now he's a calm, reasonable voice that cleverly totes the title of "Loyal Teamster" around with him whereas just a week ago he was championing the idea for UPS to nix the union and replace us all with scabs.

    Now, the only thing left for me to do is determine if the tool is being wielded by itself, as is the case of a troll, or if he's here with an agenda, as is the case of a literal tool. It's irrelevant in both regards, though, I'm simply curious at this point.
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    Part Time Wages should have increased more than full time wages. Why change our benefits and insurance for the worse when what we had was ok. Everything should have increased or stayed the same with benefits. The workers helped create a $4.3 Billion Dollar Profit for UPS, The Company. I'm Thankful for the job and opportunity, show us your thankful for us, UPS.
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    This new contract is full of rewarding opportunities....(FOR UP$).... IF we pass this contract (big brown piece of $ H I T) we'll have the freedom....(thanks to a corrupt union president administration...HOFFA/hall and other higher ups..and CERTAIN local's....)... to forge our career path and continue growing within the company. (because of record proif$ we saved by screwing our hard working pt's...ft's...etc cutting full time job' well as the BENEFIT$ that we promised in the first place.)(we,or I am a the highest bidder..I am a tool..did I mention im really a supervisor?,pretending to be a teamster?)
    I hope all of you make your research and vote YES on this contract, (man im desperate i know were gonna lose this and the teamster's are uniting once again) it can't get any better. (time to write something VERY condescending.

    What ive written above this the person's "possible" thought process.
    Sorry I read that and wanted to I thought id own personal...F' D UP spin to it:)
    I just felt...this dude's some desperate...scared full of $ H I T sup...pretending to be a teamster.
    I wonder what's going through is head?........and there you go..enjoy any possible laugh's..
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    Wow!! Another positive post about the contract and look at all the outrage.
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    It can get tons better. Especially the health care.
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    It's not about the comment itself, it's about the bigger picture involving the person commenting. Step back and view this man's roller coaster ride of personal opinions that change from one extreme to the next in a matter of hours. A person lacking consistency has no credibility, and once you couple that with the stance demonstrated here I think it's fairly obvious what the outrage in this thread is more focused on. He's either manipulative or an intentional fool and I take offense in both cases.
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