New contract supplements and riders

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I cannot find the new supplements and riders online anywhere. and upsrising only have the Master agreement but the link to the tentative agreements for the supplements and riders is broke.

Anyone know where I can get them from?


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Thank you cheryl. I was going to wait till the supplements were up before asking you to change the thread in the union forum for us. I don't believe they are up yet. That's just the Master.


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If you click that link it says the page does not exist.

Interesting....... it was up and working when I tried it and posted it yesterday.... UPSRising even has the main link still listed on the top of their web page.....but even clicking that link shows that has been changed/disabled. (2018-2023 UPS Tax) at top left. I should have taken a screen shot or captured their web pages/web archive directly. They don't list a webmaster or I would contact them directly...

It's amazing how many critical broken links I have found for important information relating to the contract, supplements, riders, and for UPS/IBT pension information. ALL of this type of information should be easily posted/linked on our website. Here is another example of a broken link from the website that needs attention. Really poor communication IMHO.... No wonder people turn to TDU for info.
New Website Launched for Participants of UPS/IBT Full-Time Employee Pension Plan

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