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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by nhguy, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. nhguy

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    Heard last night that the local BA called our shop steward and told him the supplement and the national contracts are done. Both parties are Just waiting to finish all the formalties. Only fact I have is that UPS paid 8.7 billion to withdraw from the CS Pension Fund.

    Has anybody else heard this same rumor?:)

    Remember the big fish always eats the little ones!
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    It isn't done until we approve of it.
  3. raceanoncr

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    Exactly! And make sure to read ALL the, supposed, new contract has to offer OR NOT OFFER!

    As a side note:

    I predict that UPS will, again, offer a signing bonus to all. Remember yrs ago...f/ters got $1000 and p/ters got $500? Let's see many p/t compared to f/t do we have?
    $500 to some p/ters would be a fortune! Well, after taxes, maybe $350, BUT WHO MENTIONS TAXES ?

    So...sign without reading? Hell, yes!!! I need $500!!!!!
    Sarcasm intended
  4. Pollocknbrown

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    Since im new to this whole contract thing, how will we obtain info of what is in the contract when it comes to the vote?

    And the funny thing is i could use the money, but i probably would not sell myself out since if the contract is voted down and a better one is eventually won (speculating of course) would make ups that money in wages over time.
  5. yeldarb

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    1 866 461 8881
    This is the teamster number for updates on the contract.
  6. Just Lurking

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    Your local should have a special meeting for the contract proposal.

    You will probably hear more about it at one of the online sites like browncafe. Some many more employees using online discussion boards make this contract so much different than previous contracts.

    Signing bonuses are to sell bad contracts. You want no part of them.

    I believe that they have been used in past contacts (early 80's) instead of wage increases. Which is very bad because you lose that increase and compounding effects you lose in future years. If I am wrong about this someone will chime in.
  7. Big Babooba

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    You are right on about the signing bonuses.
  8. Big Babooba

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  9. bear123

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    Ditto on that too. As someone else said, if a signing bonus is offered, the pt'ers will take the money and run and that is exactly what the company is hoping. It will now depend on the union if they want to sell us out as they did in 1982.
    I remember on the last contract, HOffa declared "Compromise is out of the queston." Let's see if he sticks to that statement this time.
    What is confounding is why not only the company but also the union is bending over backwards to make sure we hit the Oct. 1 deadline. What is it about this date anyway. I know it is the anniversary thing but so what. Remember we have till next August to have this contract finished and done right.
    What scares me is I wouldn't be surprised if this is already a done deal. Why would they break off negotians now to do the supplements when there is so much to do on the main level. I mean, supposedly the union and the company is far apart, regarding issues. Do they think they will get everything done in one week. I guess we will see, when Oct 1 comes along. Let's see if the union stands by their slogan, "Oct 1 or we're done."
  10. scratch

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    Just Lurking made a lot of great points. I also know that we will get a contract proposal in the mail. The reason I think we will see something soon is because of the new pension laws that go into effect at the first of the year. I would be leery about listening to rumors or what your freight line Teamsters at the Local will try to tell you. We all need to carefully sit back and read this Contract, it will have long term consequences for the future of this company.
  11. iam

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    Scratch is right. With the new pension laws going into effect everyone knows the Teamsters have got to get that big chunk of money fast to try to get their pension plans up to the minimum standards. The contract will pass easily. If a bonus is offered the part timers will vote it in. But what about the machinists mechanics when their contract comes up? If they get anymore money in their pension pretty soon they will be getting $10,000 a month when they retire!
  12. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    Got the signing bonus in the 80's and a yearly raise through the life of the contract.

    You state signing bonuses are to sell bad contracts.

    That implies two things.
    That UPSERS are not intelligent enough to read the offered contract and vote in their own best self interest.
    Or, that the teamsters do not know how to negotiate a good contract.

    Teamsters management is always against signing bonuses.
    Union dues are based on hourly wage and do not included the bonus that goes directly to the UPS employee.
    If they can't skim off some of the cream, they are against it.
    CHIME, the time is........for every UPSER to read what is offered and make their decision based on fact, not BS rhetoric.
    If you take the bonus, invest it. It will have more compounding effects than the money you lose paying higher union dues in the future years.
  13. mnmoe

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    Yes Same Here In Midwest
  14. Cezanne

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    I really do not know if this is a urban legend, but was not that infamous "1982'' signing bonus actually a bequest of Casey's will to give to ALL UPS employees (union and non-union). That particular contract brought us the two tier pay structure that we have been saddled with for the last 25 years.:cool:
  15. Backlasher

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    I don't care if they raise the top rates up. I think our top rates are good but I want a better progress in raises between starting wage up to the top rate.

    I'm part time air driver and after my senoirity I have a $12.50 hr.
    My rate goes to $13 after 1 yr. $13.5 after 18 months then top rate after senoirity (30 days) + 2nd yr.

    So 1 yr = 50 cents. = an extra $10 on check.

    6 months after = 50 cents = an extra $10 per check.

    that doesn't sound bad but when it's at 20 hrs. a week its nothing.

    I'm stuck jugling 2 jobs during week and 1 on weekend to support my family.

    They need to bump things up. top rate is fine were it is and if top rate went up then it trickles down to there ever increasing demonds on wanting even more out of us to justify pay.

    I'm in it for the long haul but this is stresfull.
  16. trickpony1

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    It might also imply the company knows the PT'ers outnumber the FT'ers by a margin big enough to ratify the contract if the company waves a large sum of "beer money" in front of the PT'ers noses.
    Considering the huge turn over of PT'ers, the company knows these people aren't gonna be around very long so they (PT'ers) are the people to romance and pump full of pizza and soda pop.
    As far as "investing" the will be gone after a couple of weekends of "setting them up" at the local bar.
  17. Golfnut54481

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    We need a good contract but the longer we go without one the more business we lose as customers get nervous. I am against any bonus and wouldn't mind seeing most of any raise go into the pension and health and welfare. I'm hoping for a good 25 and out option....

    What is up with this basic service anyways? Had over 40 packages to the post office for a town with a population of 20,000.....Is this going to be covered in the new contract?
  18. HazMatMan

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    All sarcasm aside, that is what UPS wants is for people to see a signing bonus and be quick to ok the contract without getting all the info.
  19. Backlasher

    Backlasher Stronger, Faster, Browner

    They can't buy me with pizza & Soda, and I quit drinking years ago, so a little bonus check wont satisfy me.

    I want more HOURS. I'm a freaking driver. It drives me crazy that you guys get stuck working over 9.5's and the answer's write here. Us part-time drivers just watching during our 2nd jobs the full timers running and not wanting that overtime.

    They should put something in the lines of an exception driver/air driver that allows us to deliver ground and take some weight off the back of those ground drivers that are just begging to have an 8 hr day 40 hr week.
    I don't blame you guys for not wanting to go over 9.5's and UPS just keeps screwing both of us. So what they gotta pay me ground rate if I deliver some ground. They're paying that at time in a half to guys that don't even want it but long for family time instead.

    I jumped during peak last winter and know how it is. My ground guy loved my help. He would fight with management 2 let him scan 50 stops transfer edd onto my board and let me take off so we can knock off faster. There's gain with a helper but they would gain more if they let me take and run. He let me the first couple days and I didn't even ask for ground pay, was happy with the $11.76 hr jumper rate but they tripped out.
    I ran my air in the morning then headed straight to my meet point with him at a ups store. They had me leave my truck there and go with him. He had to go off his route to get me so he lost time for that. I ran every stop and he always told me to slow down, LOL. When done would pick up all the parcels from the UPS store and fill my truck and bring back to my center. good times.

    You know, I was working up 2 my D.O.T. hrs. getting 60 hrs. just under for 2 months but got no time in a half for it.
    When season was over I said I loved jumping but you'll never get me to do it again at straight time. I don't care if it's 2 different job classes, I'm still working 20 hrs. over and should get time in half. I never clocked out between air and jumping. used same diad I clocked in with.

    Whatever the contract says shouldn't matter cause isn't there a law in OHIO that staes over 40 hrs. is overtime?????????????:confused:1

    Anyhow, I'm just venting again. :mad:
    UPS, screw the bonus check. Maybe the other part-timers have no NADES but I do. At least us part-time drivers should get more. There's more then enough work to go around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll not sign and gladly go on strike:thumbup1:. I'll work somewere else till the dust settles.
    Are us union guys allowed to work other employment during a strike????????:confused:1

    If not then that PIZZA better come with peperoni and some cheesy bread dang it.

    I'm just sick of juggling 3 jobs. I gotta go to my 3rd job soon.

    I love driving for UPS for sense of acomplishment not for their corporate pressure and the future is the only reason why I'm here. Would never go threw all this for any other co.
  20. duckjunkie2

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    i would not be surprised if the contract has not been finished for months. it's your usual dog and pony show to make it look good for the members while they have an excuse to stay in first rate hotels, party, and spend more of our money.