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Ive been preload for 6 years and finally got the balls to be a driver. Why I decided to start during peak I have no idea. But peak isnt my biggest problem. Aside from teaching myself how to drive standard in the center parking lot. I have to try to drive this P-1000 in the snow. Any tips or suggestions on how to avoid becoming one with snow bank??? My on car supervisor attention span is limited. So no tips are coming from him. Thanks


I don't know many of the specifics for your area, but here we use chains whenever there are a lot of places where we could be having troubles. My biggest piece of advice would be to drive slow. You can make up time on a route by improving on the methods that they teach you on how to get in/out of truck, deliver the packages, get signature, etc. Especially with it being winter, you want to drive cautiously and so that is my advice... to drive slowly when you see any possible trouble ahead or if the roads are slick and you dont have chains.

I'm interested to hear what others say. I'm fairly new and have only driven an 800.

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Make up time on route by "getting signatures". That little game where I'm from will get you sent to the big office for what UPS likes to call falsifying records if you normally dont get a signature at that delv point. When the weather is bad just take your time and work safe.


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Put your pickups as far to the rear of the vehicle as possible. This puts weight on the rear wheels. These cars slide so easy when empty. Any weight you can get back there helps.
Go S L O W on the snow.


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The Cars do slide easily, especially mid=day when getting empty. Easy on the braking til you see how the car is responding. Especially watch for black ice. Watch for the idiots, especially first snow, but they remain after that, they are EVERYWHERE. If you cant believe someone would do something that stupid, they will. Know how bad people driving annoyed you before? Take that to the power of 10 now. The Cell phoners are the worst. In a 1000 if you have power steering it is harder to feel where you are at than with manual steering, so do not oversteer. Just go as quickly as you safely can, but slow down when necessary. Do not take any chances. In bad weather, they would rather see you come in late, than on a hook, or not at all. Good luck