new emp. pay scale for part time?

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    just started i week in. what is start pay for pre-load, how long for first raise,and when does union become active.
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    90 days

    Union has not been active since 1997.
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    thanks dustinmnm...i had those same ???'s too, also i work during peek and was kept...also wanted to know if anyone have tax ID? so i can file my taxes early since w2's not ready yet on ADP.
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    welcome to the UPS TEAM!
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    Found under Article 22 Section 5 in the NMA.
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    I just checked my prior W-2's and found two different tax ID #'s. In 2007 and 2008 the ID # was 13-1426500 but in 2009 it was 36-2407381. You may want to wait until the 2010 W-2's are available, which should be on or about 1/20, to make sure you have the right #.
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    There's also delays on filing for certain things, can't remember quite what but I believe itemized deductions and something education related, which will keep lots of people from being able to file until sometime in Feb.
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    UPS has about 20 Federal ID numbers. Basically each business unit has their own. 13-142XXX is the old UPS-NY company which was merged with the UPS-OH company a couple of years ago. That number is no longer valid. The current FEIN for UPS-OH is 36-240xxxx. UPS-OH is the business unit that covers the main package delivery business. Freight, SCS, General Services, Cartage, UPSCO, etc will have different FEINs. If you PM me the 4 digit region/district you are paid from (it should be on your check), I can tell you the accurate FEIN.

    However, the IRS will NOT accept your return without your W2 anymore. You have to wait for them to receive the electronic version of it so they have something to match your info to. Also, if you itemize your deductions, you will have to wait until February because Congress was so slow to act on the last minute tax changes. Check for the latest on this.

    The 2010 info is still being finalized and should be transmitted to ADP on Tuesday so the W2s shouldn't take too long after that.
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    Thanks both of u for info!

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    Heres the answer poster
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