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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by teamcaresux, Aug 25, 2013.

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    I miss Aetna.
    just went to my doctor,$20 copay(was$10), got my EOB....teamcare paid nothing.Zero
    Called to ask why,not covered,pre-existing,BS,BS,BS
    Can I get out of this crap or am I stuck? Or am I just plain screwed again by the weak ass teamsters?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    You mean you had Aetna through UPS insurance and now with the new contract, Teamcare was implemented and it is much worse than what you had?

    Or were you P/T and went Full Time and you are now covered under CS Teamcare?
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    Troll fail. I think I have an immunity now.
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    When is TDU going to get more clever with their names?
  5. Wally

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    What local are you in first time poster? Not that were not buying what you are claiming...
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    This is why many of our drivers wish they had stayed part time. AETNA was much better.
  7. Bagels

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    I smell a troll...

    UPS uses a plethora of provides, depending on your location, and you no longer have a choice in most of them. My area Is Aetna. Unfortunately, Aetna has a history of slow pay (you may Google this to confirm). Even though this is NOT true for UPS insurance -- as it's UPS's money, Aetna dispenses it quickly -- because there's no way to distinguish Aetna fully-insured & Aetna self-insured, many doctors no longer accept it.
  8. RealPerson

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    I just seen a Person post a medical bill for 135K, it was listed as Minor Medical, so they have to pay 20% of that..
    The Plan listed only has a Max Out of Pocket for Major Medical..

  9. Bagels

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    Didn't happen. Google the two terms...
  10. RealPerson

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    What if it is a Bill for Retired Persons Children?? (Future)

    Anyway, guess we will just have to see, as everyone gives different answers, can't seem to find the Truth...

    People saying they have $3K ER bills, and People saying they don't pay a Dime. Which I know they have a deductible / Co Pay on CS... (Yes this was someone already in CS plan)
  11. Bagels

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    Because it's all bull spit. On TEAMCare's website, the C6 plan (persons migrating from company-controlled insurance will have an enhanced plan, which is being circulated throughout this website) and Summary Plan Description. TEAMCare breaks health care into two categories: basic, and major medical. Basic services are typically covered for either a co-pay or at 100% (some exceptions) after the deductible has been met. Major medical is a broad term being used by TEAMCare for "everything else," its covered at 80%. In the C6 plan, both basic & major medical services are subject to a single, combined $1000/$2000 annual out-of-pocket limit (which includes your deductible). Most any reason you have to seek medical treatment will be covered by basic services. "Minor" medical does not exist in TEAMCare.

    #1) TEAMCare (CS) has a plethora of health plans. Some do not have out-of-pocket limits for major medical. C6 (and its enhanced version) clearly does.

    #2) For all but a handful of UPSers, their family medical care will quality as "basic services." If they plan carefully, the ONLY difference between the current plan & EC6 will be the deductible -- they may actually save money on lab/diagnostics.

    #3) TEAMCare uses a plethora of regional providers. In my area, FTers have a combination of Aetna and BCBS IL -- the EXACT SAME providers PTers in company-controlled plans have.

    #4) ALL TEAMCare plans cover pre-existing conditions. Postings such as the OP are fictitious.

    #5) ALL insurance plans have limits of what is & is not covered. UPS determines MAJOR procedures for its company controlled plans, CS determines it for its. MAJOR procedures are things like dental implants, transgender reassignment, etc. Coverage of day-to-day procedures is determined by your provider (e.g. Aetna, BCBS, etc.), although you can appeal toward your plan administer.

    #6) NEARLY ALL UPSers I converse with in TEAMCare think it's EXCELLENT insurance. It's a small minority that complain about lack of what's covered, sky-high bills, etc. Yet despite how easy it is to take a picture of a bill & edit personal information out, few will do it. Of the confirmed cases:
    - One was a person whose care went beyond the lifetime limit. ACA eliminated this, so it's a non-factor, but all insurances had them, including ours. I know of one PTer who's kid wound up in assisted living and she blew through the 500K lifetime within a year or two.
    - One was a person who felt dental implants should be covered. They're not -- and few insurances do cover them (not even UPS's).
    - One was a person who's family member was terminally ill. He sent that person to a facility that was not covered. Unfortunately, these care providers typically feed off people's emotions, make false promises & then financially rape them. FEW, if ANY, insurances cover their voodoo "care." If I were in that position, I'd look for false hope too. But he KNEW TEAMCare didn't cover it, yet is adamant that he should go to whoever he wants for care. Unfortunately, insurances need to protect themselves against high-cost, no-result voodoo care providers.

    People need to STOP this B.S. TEAMCare is EXCELLENT insurance that will come at a minimal additional cost compared to what we enjoy know. Non-union UPS employees covered by company-controlled plans currently pay $70+ weekly for family insurance that's inferior to what we will be getting.

    ​Get over it.
  12. RealPerson

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    But see you are talking about FT people.
    I am PT, and ANY Increase, like the $20 Co pays, and the yearly increas in deductibles, and the $1,000 & $2,000 Max out of Pocket are ALL Increases for me.
    I pay $10 co pay ........That is all....
  13. RealPerson

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    You also left off, which I have not seen in black and White, because it does NOT affect me at this time, BUT.

    The Children of Retired people are being dropped?? True?? or Not???
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    Nice post Bagels, so many are in the dark regarding the enhanced Teamcare. I know it's not perfect, but with a little bit of work adjusting to the new rules I believe most will be happy with it. At this point the fat lady has sang, so bitching about it is a waste of time. We have people coming to our local in a few weeks to explain it to our wives as most of them, including mine takes care of those type of things.
  15. Bagels

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    I was referring to all persons in company-controlled plans, which includes PTers. My FT example was merely for incumbent employees in CS.

    If you read the pamphlet, we will retain our $10 co-pay when we're migrated to TEAMCare. The annual out-of-pocket limits are NOT increases - they're identical to the limits in the current company-controlled plans. The only thing "new" expense will be the deductibles, which will total $700 for individual and $1400 for family over the life of the contract. Since most doctor visits are covered by the $10 co-pay, many of us will never tap into the full deductible, unless we're - or our family - are seriously ill. Ultimately, it will equate into a minor additional annual expense. The typical PTer will receive a cumulative $12,000 in raises over this contract; FTers $30,000. It's a pretty sweet deal economically overall - given the economy & increased competition, it's more than I thought we'd wind up with.

    As for retiree health insurance... it's a completely different ball game, and not relevant toward this discussion.
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Every fulltime driver I've talked to in 5 different buildings agree that AETNA was better overall. Its one of the first things people noticed when they go fulltime and have used their insurance enough to notice the differences.
  17. oldngray

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    AETNA is great insurance. And Bagels do you have Teamcare now? Since you are such a strong supporter of it.
  18. Bagels

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    The FTers in my local are covered by what's now TEAMCare. Nearly everybody praises the insurance and rates it as excellent.

    I just broke down TEAMCare in my previous postings. Do you have any evidence or proof to suggest that TEAMCare does not live up to the standards currently listed within its summary plan? Nearly every single posting knocking TEAMCare is from persons within company-controlled plans. Few people on these forums within TEAMCare have anything negative to say about it. As I mentioned above, the specific complaints they have with TEAMCare would be universal to any insurer (e.g. voodoo doctors, implants, etc. not being covered).

    And once again, I'll point out that Aetna is merely the company that manages your insurance. Both TEAMCare & UPS-controlled plans are self-funded, self-administered plans. Aetna, BCBS, Kaiser, etc. are the providers that IBT & UPS pay to manager their plans. The sole difference between Aetna, BCBS, Kaiser, etc. will be the health care providers participating via that management plan. And who's better is regional. UPS only allows me to select Aetna, which is very limited in some regards in my area as BCBS is by far the dominate (80%+ market share) provider. Aetna may be perfect for you/your area, but it's a lousy choice for mine. FTers in TEAMCare here have BCBS IL, which is what I'm certain I'll be migrating to -- a superior choice & enhancement for me.

    Your insurance is/will be through UPS or IBT, not Aetna, BCBS, Kaiser, etc.
  19. oldngray

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    I am covered by UPS plan and have received no details about Teamcare And from what I have heard UPS plan is better but I can only base that by what others have posted. And evidently you do not have Teamcare yet are still a fan of it for others.
  20. Bagels

    Bagels Family Leave Fridays!!!

    So I carefully researched TEAMCare, taking notes & reading the entire summary plan description and interviewing those who currently have it. You, OTOH, decided your opposition based on anonymous hearsay, largely from people who really know nothing about TEAMCare - and others who are upset that TEAMCare didn't cover their wife's breast implants.