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    Hi.....I am looking for information for my husband who is a part time loader. We want to relocate to another city (Charlotte, NC) what is the process? My husband said that they will only transfer if he enrolls in school in Charlotte and that it has to be for courses that are not available in this city. Is this the only way to transfer and not lose company senority? Does he have to send the transfer request to HR first, get approved, then find out if the other hub is hiring and then enroll in classes? Seems very difficult to make sure that it all lines up at the same time......meaning that they approve him, there is a job opening and it's the start of a new semester all at the same time.
    Has anyone here successfully transferred and can you cancel your school classes once you get hired at the new center without repercussions?

    Thanks for you help
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    It irritates me to no end when people abuse a perk offered by the company. What you are talking about is fraud and if enough employees do this the company will stop allowing educational transfers which would impact those employees who are serious about furthering their education while working at UPS.

    Your husband needs to get the point of contact for HR at the hub you want to relocate to. He should then contact that person, explain the situation and ask if there are openings projected for the time frame that you are looking for. If there are, he would resign his position (on good terms) here, request a positive rehire status, and then apply at the new hub. He would lose building seniority but would retain his company seniority. Building seniority is used to bid vacations and for the purposes of bidding in to a driver position.

    Sorry for the rant but it is people such as yourself who try to get one over on the company that piss me off.
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    My husband was told by his center manager that the ONLY way to transfer without losing company senority was to transfer for education. He was also told by him that all he needed to do was register for a course whether it be photograhy or pottery (it just had to be a course that was not offered where we live), request the transfer, move and then quit the course. We are not trying to get over on the company he was told by his manager to do this. I don't see it as a company perk personally. I don't know of any other company that does not allow their employees to move around in their company without losing benefits. Seems to me that UPS would want to retain hardworking employees that are already trained. We want to relocate to make a better life for our children, to get out of a deadend town and move closer to relatives. We didn't come up with a plan to screw UPS we were told that is how we should do it. Not sure how UPS loses, they will not lose money because they do not pay out any money for the transfer and they get to keep a good employee. Seems like a win-win. I don't understand their transfer policy.....maybe you can shed some light on why they have this policy.
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    Pension plans differ from region to region. Most employees are covered by the UPS/IBT Pension Plan while others are covered by pension plans administered by the Teamsters only. Monthly pension payments vary from as little as $2,500 to as high as $5,500 or more depending on your plan. I am fortunate to be covered by one of the more generous pension plans (NYS Teamsters Pension Plan). My point? If we were allowed to transfer anywhere within UPS don't you think this would be one of the factors to be considered? Also, when you transfer in to a center, you become the low man on the totem pole for bidding purposes but retain company seniority for vacations.

    I believe transfers are allowed within the Western Conference.

    If your manager did say what you claim he said then he is as dirty as you and your husband would be if you followed his suggestion.

    Let me give you another example of employees abusing perks. We are allowed to take up to 4 days, depending on distance travelled, following the death of a family member. Search this forum and you will find stories about employees taking 4 days for a funeral held in the same town. The same goes for jury duty--we are paid our 8 hours for each day that we are on jury duty yet you can search again and find stories of guys who show up to jury duty and are sent home within an hour or even less yet don't bother to call their mgt team to see if they should come in or not. There are even stories of center teams fraudulently coding employees as being on jury duty.

    The right way to do it is to quit at your current location, ask for a positive rehire status and then apply at your new location. This can all be set up ahead of time with a little leg work on your husband's part.
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    Transfers are, indeed, allowed within the Western Conference. It is done on a seniority basis. The whole seniority of the Western Conference.

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    If this kind of transfer was allowed we would have 100% of the workforce in nice places like Hawaii or Cali or Florida and no workers in the less desirable places. I would love to be out of the building 10 min from my house but that choice was mine 25 years ago when I applied at the building I originally did an hour away. Those are the breaks. Sux but it is what it is.
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    I can definitely understand now that you all have made your points. I was not comfortable with what the center manager told him to do but he made it sound like everyone does it and it is not a big deal. I get it now. Can you explain what the Western Conference is? If he quits here and applies at the other hub as a positive rehire he will NOT lose his company senority? He has been told that he will. He doesn't mind losing center senority because he is so far down on the list he will never get to drive anyway. Will they transfer you due to spouse having to relocate for education as I would like to go back to college. Thank you for all your help.
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    Teamsters Western Conference covers the majority of the western states. I don't know the whole list but AZ, CA, OR and WA are on the list.
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    Upserspouse, upstate thinks everyone is trying to pull something.
    Every hub has their own policies.
    My advice,go to ups jobs online in Charlotte NC and find a job he is experienced in,and apply for it.
    He may or may not retain his seniority,but it sounds like you are moving anyway. jmo
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    Aside from the lecture, how is this different from what I suggested? He will lose building seniority but would retain company seniority.