New here. New to UPS. And WORRIED?!?

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    Hi future fellow Upsers, I'm in the process for UPS Cargo Handler, Tuesday I had my interview which I wouldn't call it much of an interview because all I did was fill out papers and had my fingerprints done and then sent home with a paper in my hand that read I was scheduled for the tour at 6:30pm. I went to the tour last night and I must say I liked what I saw. I liked the sound of the pay raises (not sure if it's true or not), but according to them it works by union contract. The only thing I didn't like much was the flexible schedule. I have to be available at all times to come into work even though the job ad said the schedule was going to be 11pm-8am. I really want to start a career with UPS and move up the ladder to other higher positions. I'm also interested in something in the Loss Prevention or Aviation field for UPS.

    Now my question is, I do attend a local university Majoring in both Criminal Justice and Aviation. I do attend 2 days a week in the middle of the day both days, not the entire day. My question is will HR work with me on those times I attend school? I don't mind working before or after my classes, but will they really work out those two days? Or I'm I stuck in deciding to leave my education and just jump on board with UPS? :dissapointed:
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    There may be some flexibility if you were inside a UPS hub or other sorting facility but you will be working at the airport and your schedule and availability will be based on the flight schedule. There are normally fewer employees working at the air hub so your absence twice a week would unfairly burden your soon-to-be co-workers; in other words, school and an air hub job do not mix and you would not be able to skip two days a week and expect to keep your job.
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    I would suggest you not leave school for ups at this time under any circumstance unless flunking out already! That said... if the say the schedule is what it is and that works with your schedule then jump on it. If they are talking about putting you on call or short noticing you just tell em you already made it clear you were a student. Which you need to do.
    good luck.
    if you work hard theyll probably keep you even if you miss some time.