New Hires and Supervisor Training them. Central Region!

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  1. RealPerson

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    Not exactly sure where it is in the union book, BUT,

    What is the correct way for training new hires and supervisors working?

    Can the Supervisor load in a completely different package car than what the new hire is in AND the new hire is loading inside a different package car for the same time?

    How much work can the supervisor do each night?

    Is there wording for "graduated work load" This is what I am hearing.....

    How long in that 30 days can the Supervisor work???
  2. greengrenades

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    Don't know about central but here supervisors aren't suppose to touch a box at all. If they do, we can grieve.
  3. oldngray

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    Sups can handle packages if they are supposedly training an hourly. The hourly has to be standing there watching the sup work. It's not supposed to be used for reasons other than training but frequently abused by management where a sup will work and just grab an hourly to watch him. And if the sup is handling packages then the hourly can't. All the hourly can do is stand there and watch.
  4. PT Car Washer

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    My building has watchers. Take an old high seniority hourly and he stands there and watches the sup work. Not even a hint of training. Actually you can file on this for supervisor working but the old hourly would not like it.
  5. Nimnim

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    At least to me, if someone is within their first couple weeks if the Sup that is supposed to be training is in the same trailer/PC and loading/unloading at the same time for some, not all, of the shift they're fine. Ideally you want the new hire to be watching while the sup shows them how to do it, but I can understand them doing some of the work as well to keep production up because of the inexperience of the new hire. Working at the same time can also help train the new hire how to work while someone else is working in the same space. After a couple weeks then that pass is gone and if the sup is in another trailer/PC than the new hire that's not training by any stretch of the imagination and should be grieved.
  6. RealPerson

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    Does anyone know of the specific language on Training the new hires? I have always heard it was the Supervisor would demonstrate for a given amount of time, then the employee would replicate and so on. I understand first day or so the supervisor would be doing more of the work while the new hire watched, and gradually less and less as the new hire learned.
  7. RealPerson

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    Problem is, I have hear that our building is saying a term called Graduated Work Load or something like that.
    That if they hire 10 new people then 10 supervisors can work as much as they want anywhere in the building due to the fact that the new hires can not work up to speed.
    So a new hire could be loading a package car, and the supervisor could be 2 package cars down both working at the same time...
  8. fres431

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    Either the supervisor works or the new hire works. Both can't be working at same time. The employee can ask for a hourly to train them that hourly training gets $1hr raise for the day
  9. upsjay

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    can you get hired over a seasonal guy that has two seasons ahead of you?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Seasonal employees have no seniority.
  11. upschuck

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    Working seasonal does not mean UPS will hire you, you are not put in a queue. They can permanently hire any seasonal or non seasonal that they wish.
  12. RealPerson

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    Yeah everything is what I thought, guess I need to have the Union steward, go back to the BA and find out exactly what he is talking about when throwing out grievances.
  13. Mugarolla

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    When training a new hire, they can both work. At least in the Central.

    Article 1
    Section 2
    The Employer agrees that the function of supervisors is the supervision of employees and not the performance of the work of the employees they supervise.
    Accordingly, the parties agree that supervisors will not perform the work of the parties they supervise except during training, demonstration and safety education. The Employer will have the right to monitor and inspect the employees’ work.
    The training of new employees or unqualified employees: the immediate area shall mean the entire assigned work area (a preload work area means the number of cars a qualified employee would be loading). However, in cross training and/or training of a previously qualified employee the supervisor must train beside the hourly employee. This supervisor shall not perform bargaining unit work at the same time as the previously qualified employee.
  14. RealPerson

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    Well Well..... Wonder how long Training lasts?
    I don't see how loading a package car with the new hire is in a totally different package car is Training them.

    Just a way to only hire Half the amount of Seasonals needed!!!
  15. Mugarolla

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    They allow this to keep up with the flow. A new hire will be much slower. The sup works as he trains to keep up. As the new hire gets the hang of it, he will be able to keep up on his own.

    A new hire has 30 days to qualify. A sup can work with him for 30 days and no longer.
  16. PT Stewie

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    It's an old excuse why are you touching, moving, scanning boxes ? "I am training a new hire". To quote the late George Carlin (also an Irishman) "It's all bull sh-t and it's bad for you"
  17. UPS4Life

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    30 days!?!? Geez I got trained two weeks and was on my own.

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  18. PT Car Washer

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    Had a PT preload sup tell me the other day he was training a new hire. I asked the sup where the new hire was and the sup told me they had already sent him home for the day. He then told me he wasn't working, just splitting the belt and stacking boxes behind the cars.
  19. fres431

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    That's not working..
  20. Mugarolla

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    I did not say that they will train him for 30 days. He should be on his own and able to keep up after 2 weeks. But according to the contract, they can "say" they are training him for 30 days.

    I agree. If the new hire can keep up after 2 weeks, get the sup off the dock.