New Preloader, getting less hours lately... Normal?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by rubbadub, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Alright, I got hired about 4 weeks ago, and I'm pretty well trained, though I still need to get my technique down. Recently, I got a call from my manager on the way to work. She told me they wouldn't need me that day, and I didn't need to come into work. On my way home, she called back telling me that I could come to work, because someone didn't show up. Just yesterday, as I left work, she told me to call before work today. So, I called, and she told me that they're fully staffed, and it wasn't too busy, and I didn't need to come in to work. After the shift, I called to ask her if I was doing alright... She told me that this month just isn't very busy.
    She also said that everything is based on seniority, so when they're fully staffed, I'm the one who stays home.

    Is this normal procedure? I really like my job. Should I be worried about my employment, or do you think everything's fine?

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    First of all, if you don't already have caller ID, get it. Second, this is not a reflection upon your performance. Your sup is right--everything is based on seniority and you are the new man and will get cut before anyone else does. Things will pick up very soon.
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    lol~ Yeah I have "Caller ID" on my portable cellular telephone. Thanks, was just wondering if this was how it usually works. Just have to be patient & wait for the next new employee so I can get some more hours. THANKS :)
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    Its normal when your new (i am new as driver). When i first started it was hit or miss. Normally my Mondays and Fridays I would get canceled. I live close to the shop so i stopped calling in but rather would just show up. If they cancel my shift i still stick around for a few mins in case there is a call out or someone wants to just go home where i could fill in.
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    If you want to impress and get more hours, just show up every morning. Someone always wants the day off.