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    My husband recently became a part time supervisor. He is currently in graduate school and it's a good fit for his skills and our life right now. Of course the down side of going into management is it looks like we have to pay for our own insurance. It is better than nothing though because he was previously a loader who had not yet worked at UPS a year, and we have not had insurance. Does anyone know how much insurance costs through UPS? We'll be paying for him and myself.
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    It varies, but it isn't anymore than $50 per paycheck, including dental and vision. Depending on the area, you should have three options, HMO, PPO, and a Health Savings account. As much as I hate to say it, the HMO is the better option with lower co-pays versus the PPO. Your husband should be getting paperwork for his medical benefits soon.
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm surprised it will cost about $200 per month for insurance . . . but I guess it's better than not having any. Hopefully he will get pay increases eventually that can help. Thanks!
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    If he stayed in the UNION it would have have cost anything. In my area we pay nothing not even copays.
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