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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wcrasmus, Nov 7, 2002.

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    Family memebers working for UPS? I applied for a preload job at UPS yesterday. I was told I pretty much had it only to be told later they couldn't hire me because my husband is a driver. Are they serious? They're actually going to hire someone less qualified because they won't allow spouses to work at the same center? What kind of BS is that?!
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    Will they allow you to work at some other center? I've dealt with one marriage situation before and it was a pain in the but. The husband kept trying to finagle easier jobs for his wife. If there was any discipline with the wife the husband wanted to get involved. Other issues include security issues of you two working in the same center. If your husband was stealing from UPS you would be less likely to report him and more likely to help him. General rule not you specifically.
  3. This is a long standing policy at UPS and is not likely to change anytime soon. Nepotism is neither a word or a concept that anyone will ever be exposed to at UPS.
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    smallcapbuyer: That DID change back in 2001.
    wcrasmus, I'd revisit that HR department and tell them this:
    The Policy Book that came out in 2001 states: "Relatives of current employees up to and including the level of center manager are eligible only for part-time employement in operations."
    Unless the preload you were applying for is a full-time preload, you are certainly eligible to be hired.
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    We have several working in our center, but must be both hourly. Had a driver date then marry a office personel, whereas one had to go, she left.
    So i would surely check with your husbands local.
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    steward - it has nothing to do with the union. I already quoted from the Policy Book. Up to the level of Center Manager does not mean both must be hourly.