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    Its been a quiet week in my hometown Lake Wobegon.

    The ERI is back from a long hiatus. A sure sign that corporate wants to know how its employees are feeling. A small percentage of us have been selected at random to take it, unlike previous years when everyone was counted. This most certainly reduces the anonymity of taking the ERI, with only a few people to single out for praise. Also noted that certain people were asked to take the ERI not in the original random pool.

    New UPS procedures continue to be added almost daily. For those drivers who still attend PCM the following procedure are to be followed:

    #1 No more than 2 send agains per day. This includes CODs and adult signature required. Any more than 2 requires sending a text message with a explanation. Managers are encouraging reducing send agains at all costs as they are no long profitable on the second day. Drivers are now driving going back across town, staying out over 9.5 and adding many miles in order to make sure the package remains profitable on a first days delivery. More importantly they are making sure that the numbers look good on the reports.

    #2 New written instructions were given to drivers earlier this week on the proper procedure for recording delivery and pickups. 6 pages in total with a place for drivers to sign. Of interest were new rules requiring the use of the duplicate key at bulk stops. Packages in EDD that are not delivered on the first attempt (could not find in load or left in building or misloaded on another truck) are considered duplicate stops when delivered later in the day. Also noted were the absence of a place to get credit for over 70s in special counts.

    It's been a long week on the road this month. I’ve been dispatched in the red for almost 3 weeks now. Nothing like a fair day and halfs work for a fair days pay.

    Our center manager turned in her 2 week notice this week. A hard working and caring boss who no longer agrees with everything that comes down from above. Congratulations!

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    Enforcing impossible policies always comes back to bite the company in the butt. One business that doesn't have a check for a half dozen CODs on a given day blows them out of the water, how many times has drivers faced that.
    It's clear that someone in the district office has no clue about actual delivering and the loss/profit of second attempts on a sig req package, by the time you had in more fuel and hourly wages, going back is more costly than going back the next day. That doesn't even consider the over/under being blown on every driver. It amazes me the UPS profits dime, much less millions.
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    They'll also need to be prepared to send someone to get all of our pu pieces. I'm already coming in at 8 every night. If they want me to run send agains, that's fine, but my pu pieces will be coming in after the unload shuts down.