Newt Gingrich on New Federal Drug Policy

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 1, 2011.

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    WK...i bet this might start up the age old debate on legalizing drugs again...:)

    Mandatory drug testing for people recieving welfare would be nice. Mandatory rehab might be a good idea also.
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    TSA screeners at the entrance to every welfare office.
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    Make a deal with you Lue and this is a true compromise offer as I'm opposed to any form of testing. Something about being guilty until you prove yourself innocent has a Hitler/Stalinist trait to it. Another reason I question the moral makeup of people who advocate it.

    You said mandatory drug testing for people recieving welfare so I'll go along only under one condition. Make it mandatory drug testing on all people who recieve any and all forms of welfare payments and other forms of income redistribution no matter in what form they come and I'll go along with the mandatory testing. Any "person" who recieves any form of gov't benefit that costs beyond what that person pays in taxes should be tested and the testing is to be taken once a week. And this would include any and all individuals who operate and perform under the term person who derive benefit from this capacity as well.

    :happy-very: You think the debt is bad now, wait till the cost of all those tests hits the kitty!

    If you can't bring it down from the outside, implode it from the inside by just giving them what they want and besides, the shock of seeing just how much in our society actually is welfare based might be worth it all. Newt and Bill also might rue the day because of unintended consequences, like a shocked public being woke up to a very harsh reality!
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    Don't forget to add to that all CEO's and Board of Directors of any company that receives any government subsidy or tax break of any kind!
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    click on the embedded link in the word person and you see that was included. I also intended this to also mean any employee of any said "person" down to the janitor as well. This would in the case of UPS mean you and I and just about everyone else here also. You think we alone pay for all the roads on which we travel or the airports we use to derive revenue from? Welfare is welfare is it not?

    Let's be completely honest instead of purely selective.

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    I long for the old days when in order to receive welfare one had to go to your local town hall to apply & receive your money, it came off the local property taxes. No need to test any one .
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    LOL! I agree with you 100%!!!!! Just wanted to make sure to call out the fat cats at the top of the food chain!
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    Do you realize how cheap and easy it would be to incarcerate drug offenders if you just gave them all they wanted in prison? Never have to lock a single door. The drugs themselves are dirt cheap (for the government that is). You couldn't give a hard-core user a life sentence fast enough.
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    Let's just drug test everyone......I can pass...can you?
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    I believe what I'm suggesting will test everyone or come very close. BTW: How much extra tax are you willing to pay in order to achieve this new gov't drug testing mandate? Maybe we should treat it like the new mandatory healthcare insurance requirement and you also are required to pay out of pocket for your own drug test same as you are required to buy insurance. Let's just see how far it goes if everyone, who in reality does get welfare, are required to board the boxcars to the servile state. And you guys championing drug testing call Obama a socialist!

    Has Newt and Bill said publically, oopps, there's that transparency word again, what private companies are waiting in the wings to profit nicely from all this desire for such a pure society? From a purely utopianist Free Marketeer, I'd like to know who is welding the Iron Fist Behind the Hidden Hand? Did we ever ask the question in just how profitable controlling crime is and if so, in whose interest is it to actually make crime grow by making things criminal that throughout time never were?

    In your desire to only further dominate more and more people's lives, seems you forgot about the economic angle and how other forms of domination by gov't eventually got out of hand and went to the darkside. A growing bill that is either unable to be paid and will only eventually consume us or your children's, children's children will still be slaving one day to pay for our own fooliness!

    Alex Jones uses the hyperbolic term Prison Planet and just maybe at the end of the day after we've stopped laughing at him, he just might have a few more things right than we think he has wrong!
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    Why Cops Love The Drug War

    and Newt Too!
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    Can Charlie join them with his tiger blood and show everyone how to survive slammin' 7 grams at one time ??