No Christmas Drivers This Year!

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    I heard from two different managers that this year they will have no Christmas drivers hired off the street at our building. At least 20 drivers have been laid off(sent to preload, unload, local sort, whatever) in the last few weeks and I was also told they would not use those drivers either. They are going to use all the drivers we have now, cram as many packages in a package car as they can, and send them out with helpers. I can't see how they will do it without adding routes but they said if they do add routes the laid off drivers will be the first to come back.

    The laid off drivers are first on the list of helpers though.

    So how are things at your centers?
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    We don't have the layoffs but they only had 2 pt supervisors they trained to drive. Those 2 sups are now full time sups and more power to them. That was last year. This year is no different except they're going to use just about every utility driver on the schedule.

    He was in Spokane and if he still is your division sup then I can see why all the cuts happened. He's famous for it.
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  3. I was told less drivers, more helpers. Same as I've been hearing elsewhere on this site. All I can say is if they're going to load these package cars to the gills they better give preloaders time to do it....I forsee a disaster coming after last peak. I'm hoping for the best....but planning for the worst.
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    in my area i have heard we will not start using helpers until mid november, and cover drivers until the end of november. our combo workers have been put on layoff and are now required to double shift to get their full 8 hours. we have several combos who work preload and then drive air. they are able to work their preload hours, but no more air driving. in order to get the full eight hours they now have to work 2230-230 and then preload starts at 345 these days. there is also talks about laying off 30 drivers at the end of peak.
  5. outamyway

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    I forgot to mention they are not giving these laid off drivers 8 hrs either(not positive on the pay rate, I forgot to ask) One of the reasons they are at the top of the helper list. A few of them were trying to push bid-air drivers out Saturday work. But the sups said it won't happen.

    It's not pretty here. Peak was quite organized last year (not at all the two years before) This one looks like it's going to be hell.

    More time for the part timers? I expect they'll ramp up expectations instead. Meth should be a required drug for what some of the preloaders are about to go through.
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    Personally I don't care. I can only do so much work in 12 hours. I did almost 60 two weeks out and just over 60 the week of.

    They put more on me or more area - I'm not going to lose sleep over it. It'll come back as missed.

    don't let it bother you what you can.
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    I am wondering with this economy what kind of Christmas we all will have. I am thinking that some of the feeder drivers who don't have a regular bid route, but have been working regularly, may be kicked back to package. This will start the dominos falling in our center.

    At one time (like last week!) I thought my seniority gave me enough security to not have to worry about layoffs. But are center is small, and if our feeder drivers get laid (layed?) off, all bets are off.

    Gonna be an interesting Christmas and spring. I foresee a ton of driver lay offs after the holiday season. This economy sucks!
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    Sorry, sometimes I like the gutter. LOL.
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    This economy is better than you have been hearing. The market is going through a correction.

    Beleive it or not, It will be all up from here after the election!

    This is one of the best times in a VERY long time to get into this market......

    This is the time to be maxing out your 401k's............

    Interests rate will be falling and we will be getting another wave of refi's for lower monthly mortgages......and once gas prices get back to 60-70 bucks a barrel we will skyrocket from here!

    Japan bought our debt! Rally on wallstreet next week......
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    How can a laid off driver not get the 8 hr guarantee???
  11. 705red

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    Same here, they are talking abou laying off package and feeders. At least here any layed off employee stays at their current rate of pay so they can bump down into any classification and still make $28plus an hour. I will be the firat one to file if they attempt to use helpers when my brothers are layed off.
  12. outta hours

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    This is the best peak attitude to have. Or anytime of year actually. You do the best you can daily being safe and following the methods. It really is this simple. Don't complicate it by trying to do your job and your sups.,dispatcher,center manager,etc. All the rest of that is for them to figure out. That's why they make the big bucks.