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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by konsole, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. konsole

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    Does anyone know the start time for the Norwood, MA preload for tomorrow morning, Monday 1/11/2015 ?

    I've been on vacation this past week and dont have any fellow pt'er numbers to call to find out. Plus I don't feel like going in very early (to be safe), and then end up sitting around for an hour, or getting up early to "maybe" catch management when they are in their office.

    Which has me thinking that it would be nice to have some central location online where people can see what time their shift starts. Whenever I go on vacation for a week or two there isnt really a convenient way to check the shift start time. Plenty of times I've found myself leaving on Friday after the shift and on my ride home realize I forgot to write down the following weeks start times.
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    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

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  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What time did you start last
  6. cosmo1

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    He was on vacation, Dave.

    Try to keep up.
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  8. jibbs

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    You know, that wouldn't be necessary if you would just get your supe's number. I've yet to meet a PT supe unwilling to give their number out to an hourly they supervise.
  9. konsole

    konsole Member

    A simple website that each building's management updates with the current and near future shift schedules makes alot more sense to me then dealing with the potential problems of calling a supervisor on their day off, are not expecting a call from me, may accidentally delete the message or simply forget to call back. Yes its most likely the supevisor will answer and will relay the start time, but you think an online schedule wouldnt be wise? This online schedule would enable anyone to check their start time whenever they need to without relying on someone else. Sure it would mean relying on management to update the schedule but the potential problems of people not knowing the start time would convince management to keep it updated. You may prefer calling to find out. I would prefer to go online and see a full schedule.
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  10. I really don't care as a supervisor if you text me on my day off. I'd rather have you there on time tomorrow than wonder if you're gonna show up.
  11. jibbs

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    I would prefer to get the next day's start time when I leave the building. If I'm unable to for whatever reason, I use common sense and show up at the previous day's start time.

    A website'd be nice. Who's gonna maintain it, though? As opposed to, it's really simple to maintain your own personal schedule by having the foresight to know how to find out your start time. Especially when

    this has apparently happened to you on multiple occasions and you only seem to be able to come up with theoretical solutions that require other people taking action to fix your problem.

    But hey! That's not the point of this thread so don't mind me. To answer the original question, nah, idk when Norwood, MA preload starts tonight.
  12. upschuck

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    Yes, I'm sure somebody does.
  13. McGee

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    Wow so you knew you were going on vaca ( and admittedly so probably really looking forward to it) BUT you didn't get a sheet of phone numbers ( or at least the main number) to get in touch with SOMEONE in the building??!!

    You said you don't feel like going in early? WTH not? You like your job don't you? Better safe than sorry and risk being late because you didn't want to be inconvenienced... If you are allowed cellphones in the building, almost all of them have a 'notes' app built-in ( or you can even put in the time on your calendar AND set the alarm so you get up in time...

    Seriously??!! Vaca's over, time to go to work.
  14. barnyard

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  15. scooby0048

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    I love you man! LOL
  16. konsole

    konsole Member

    When did I say I didnt have a phone number? What I said was I think its a better setup to have an online schedule then to call and
    "maybe catch management when they are in their office". Since I don't know the start time I don't know what time to call seeing that management is going to be in their office for only a short while before the shift starts. Sure I could call very early and leave a message, but then I risk management calling me up 3 hours before the shift starts and then I can't get back to sleep. Sorry guys I just think that an online schedule is a better setup then to rely on calling people if I don't know the start time.
    Maybe its just me, but I'd prefer not going in at a time that I "think" is early when I could be sleeping during that time. How do I know how early I am going in if I don't know the start time to begin with? Guessing what Monday's start time is by going off what the previous Monday's start time was, is just a guess.

    The schedules for the following week are often not posted until very late in the week. If I miss noticing it posted on Thursday is it really that crazy to see how its easy to forget to write it down on my way out the door Friday? Its just as easy to forget to write it down on paper then it is to enter it into a cell phone.

    Listen guys I understand that its my fault for not writing down the next work days start time before leaving, even if managements method of posting the start time is mediocre at best. I know that calling a fellow pt'er or a supervisor or manager will work most of the time, even when coming back from vacation I had no chance to write the start time down. I know that I can estimate the start time and just get there a little earlier then that and its not that big of deal and will most likely work. If someone doesnt know the next work days start time they either have to talk to someone in person, drive to the building to find out, guess the start time and get there early, or call someone. I'm sure many pt'ers never see another pt'er outside of work, and driving to the building to check the start time is just silly. I'd prefer not guessing the start time and end up loosing that sleep. So that leaves calling as the only option. Add the option to check an online schedule, and for me the online schedule is a much better option.

    If you guys think an online schedule is a bad idea or it wont happen, then fine I'm done here.

    Also it appears nobody knows tomorrows Preload start at the Norwood, MA building, since 4:20 was probably a joke.
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  17. upschuck

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  18. jibbs

    jibbs Long Live the Chief

    It's not that having a website to post every preload operation's daily start times is stupid, it's that it's just not practical seeing how damn easy it already is for an employee to learn their personal start times.

    Nobody's stopping you from registering a domain just to post your center's schedule every week, by the way. Actually, I like that idea a whole lot more than your original one. Be the change you wish to see, and all that BS...
  19. scooby0048

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    I wonder if he ever figured out what his start time was?

    Next week he'll post,"Just got fired for too many tardy reports...what to do now?"
  20. MeltedSnowman

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    I've often thought start times could be worked into It would be helpful as sometimes the next days start hours have changed but an announcement usually doesn't go out until the end of the night over a loud speaker that you can't hear over belts/train car drivers/crying Cowboys fans. Fortunately my sup is good at communicating any changes.