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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Rott, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I was terminated because I didnt file a grievance in the 10 day time frame . The shop steward says he didnt know of this and the sup didnt say anything about it. He just held on to the discipline and waited for time to go by before he terminated me. I was issued an intent to termainate for tardiness. the union said I can go in front of the panel meeting later this month all the way in Alabama. Is there any thing else that I can do to get my job back, besides making an 18 hor drive to this meeting
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    How many times do you have to be late before you're fired? Didn't they warn you first?
    Dude, that's just embarrasing. You lost a great job because you wouldn't show up on time. How hard is that?

    And now you're not interested in doing what the BA says to get your job back. Are you sure this job's for you? Sounds like you don't want to work here anyhow.
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    "alright I start this new "unskilled" position in 2 days. they ARE taking my dollar! Its a load of crap! I know that they are mad i am taking the position, and i also know that they can pick and choose who gets a dollar or not> example: two dudes that still work in the hub but no longer soreters, they went to unload and both told me theydidnt lose a dollar...

    screw it.... if they do take my dollar; just out of principle..... I ll make sure that i never break a sweat.... Ive been there long enuff to see that you can break your back and get treated worse than if you just slack off"

    You were fired for making posts like this. Good luck at panel

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    X2. How can you not make it to work on time? :why:

    Having been working since I was 12, I still cannot fathom not making it to work on time.
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    Did you get a pending termination letter presented to you with a Union Steward present? If so did you get a grievance form from him then? If so why did you not fill it out right then and return it to the steward to be presented.

    If all this did happen and you still did not get the grievance in within 10 days then you are not going to get your job back.

    Why did you not grieve the termination? Did you grieve a warning, and the suspension?
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    yes i did get a pending termination letter , and yes i did file a grievance on both warning and suspension. I dont know why i wouldnt have done the same for a termination. the union rep and my sup both acted surprised when this all went down . I dont know what happened, maybe the steward didnt turn it in or maybe i didnt turn it in to him. He says he doesnt know what happened either. My question to you is , if i go to the Teamsters southern Region office in San antonio and explain to them that I had no idea about the pending termination not being settled, nor di my union steward, would i have a chance of getting my job back. I had been with UPS for 3 years 11 months and I will admit that the last 4 months have been rough for me. I have been issued 1 warning letter until October 2010 , everything went to hell in a hand basket.
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    no kidding there!! I should know better.