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    I work for an air hub. Guranteed 3 hours per contract but usually get about 2 hours of work. We can leave once all feeder planes are gone or push a broom for an hour. Recently got my vac check and was shorted by about one hour. I was told that I did not work my full 625 hours to qualify for full 20hrs of paid vac. I was also told that my holiday hours, vacations hours, option day hours do not count for hours worked. Is this right?
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    The contract states that holiday, vacation, option, jury duty, etc etc all count!!!!!!!!!!

    In the south you only need to have reported=worked 156 days. Not even full days just clocked in and paid something 156 times.

    Your contract may be different but I highly doubt it.

    File a grievance. You can not hit a pitch if you do not swing away.

    File file file!!!
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    In my are athe rider only says you need to work 135 days including any absence resulting from the performance of dutys
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    Thanks! My union steward told me I should file. I am new to this website. I have another question. Under my login it says I have unread posts where do I find those????
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    II'll refrian from any sarcastic quotes and leave it at that. Unread post mean other people have posted to BC and you haven't read what they posted.
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    Thanks 72 for not being sarcastic. I have a paper trail (check stub, email from payroll, hours logged etc....). I am meeting with my steward tomorrow and going to file. Wish me luck!!!
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    Our supplement says that in order to get your first week of paid vacation you have had to work 800 hours.