Notice an increase in On-Call Pickups?

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  1. Monkey Butt

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    Implemented on July 23, 2008 in the US.
    August 18, 2008 - UPS announced significant enhancements to its UPS On-Call Pickupsm service in the United States for air packages, providing customers even more options for today’s urgent business demands.

    UPS has made On-Call Pickup service for air packages available for the first time in more than 4,000 ZIP codes, and air pickup times have been extended in nearly 6,000 ZIP codes. Together, the enhancements represent improved service for 26 percent of all U.S. businesses.
    The enhancements were completed last month and provide customers without a daily scheduled pickup even more flexibility to meet critical deadlines. UPS On-Call Pickup now is available for same-day pickup in most parts of the country. A driver also can be called to make a pickup later in the day even after a regularly scheduled daily pickup. Customers can have air, ground or international shipments picked up from their home or office simply by scheduling online at or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS.
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    That's a good idea there were many times cust. would call and i would have to break the bad news they had already missed the cut-off time that they would have to wait next day. UPS had to continue to offer more services to our customers to stay in the game. Now our economy is terrible at my center i should be processing around 15,000 a night. Now we are doing good if we hit 10,000 a night, the more options we give our cust. the better. :smart:
  3. dilligaf

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    I have noticed an increase of on-call p/u but it's not necessarily a good thing. I have had on calls that aren't ready when I get there, or no one knows anything about them. I have had on calls and was not informed that I had to bring ASD's and had to inform the customers they will have to go to UPS store to get their shipment out.

    All these nice new little services that we are providing is all fine and dandy but someone needs to teach the CSR's how to do the extra work. I personally think it SUCKS when I get an an on-call commit at 1500 and I won't be anywhere near there until 1600. That is my P/U time in that area, otherwise that particular stop isn't even on my rte.
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    Unless the sky is falling that day, I usually see such an early commit time because they either have no idea and just pick a time OR they've said their close time and a driver missed the p/u so they want him/her there eariler.
  5. PASinterference

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    We went to handwritten ASDs on ALL of our 1 time pickups.We used to get printed labels like call tags.Now we get a message to pickup in diad and have to fill out ASD for customer.Has this happened everywhere,or was this a brainchild of the Gulf South dist?
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    This is the same globally. The old One-time pickup application was sunsetted. This was done to eliminate duplicate/redundant applications.
  7. brownmonster

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    The call centers are supposed to encourage the customer to print off the label on the internet. They don't because we have all that spare time built into our day.
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    I had one yesterday "bring label and shipping materials for a laptop"
    I called it back to the center and said "huh"
    Seriously does the call center think we are a UPS store? on wheels???? Someone needs to train the call centers.
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    I have lost about three one-shot customers because of this policy doing away with one time pickups. Some people do not like to print labels online or even use a computer at all. And a driver taking a stack of ASDs and SDPs ground labels out to fill out by hand are time killers too. I had one lady who used us for years get threatened by the UPS Collections because the fuel surcharges were left off the quote when she called the pickup in. And her son is a UPS Freight sales guy! She is so mad, she will never use us again.
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    I am LESS than excited about this news. I have an average of 160 stops and 12 PU's. Any surprises during my day, such as On Demand PU's makes for a very long day. Residential customers especially make me crazy. I would rather find 10 ARS pkgs in my Letter Box at the end of the day than have to break trace for an ODS, run (walk briskly) up to the house only to find an ARS pkg laying on the porch.
  11. dilligaf

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    It was a grocery store so their closing time was of no consequence. I'm sure it was just a lack of judgement on the part of the person calling for the p/u and of the call center.
    The issue was not with the p/u itself or for that matter the time (to some degree). The issue was the fact that the p/u came with a commited p/u time of 1500 and there wasn't anyway to change it. At 1500 it would come up as a service failure and there would be hell to pay for it.
  12. dilligaf

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    Here too.
  13. CFLBrown

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    Msg back. Tell the center you need a later commit. They'll change it.
  14. Mike Hawk

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    Most of our drivers son't carry the stuff, so they just fill out the ASD back at the building.
  15. LiL"Comet"

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    Maybe not sure of everyone's situations, when i was an OMS i would call the oca's for drvrs to see if they had any questions leave to local center # if i couldnt speak w/ anyone again depends on your relationships w/ your inside peps. I really spoilded my drvrs that good me now I still have a good relations (not sexual rel. either lol) w/ drvrs and they haven't changed towards me since i become f/t management. If this could get done for drvrs it would help ya....
  16. cino321

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    I really hate getting a OCA and I show up and it's a QVC ARS.
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    The latest trick by our favorite national drug store chain (W), the one that never opens the delivery door, is to use OCA service. When they find my note on the back door frame (I give them 5 DIAD minutes) they call in a “pickup”. When I arrive they can’t find the “pickup” package and ask for their boxes from the morning attempt. Their procedure worked the first couple of times then I went to plan B. The OCA’s for W are now given to an air driver for pickup.

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    At least you don't have to spend 10 minutes filling out an ASD for a QVC return. 10 minutes doesn't sound like much but when you count driving to/from its a waste of time.
  19. dilligaf

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    unless it's a nda or a saver that would work
  20. dilligaf

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    I don't care if it's an ars I still sheet it under the on-call p/u. If I have to make a special trip for an on call it gets sheeted under the on call.