Now and Then

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    I seen this posted and got a quick laugh at a few. I am sure we can add to this and get a few more laughs.

    Now and Then

    I've been at UPS a long time and you know what...things have changed. They've changed a lot. Sometimes things just happen and when they happen, UPS reacts differently today then they did back when I started. Here are a couple of examples:

    I completed my 30 days probation, when do I reach full pay?
    1980 3 months
    2007 30 months

    I hooked a mirror on a tree branch and cracked it.
    1980 Write it up tonight.
    2007 I meet the safety manager at the exact spot in half an hour, he takes pictures, I'm given a warning letter for an accident.

    I had a COD for $5000 cash only.
    1980 I will carry $5000 cash in my pocket all day and turn it in tonight.
    2007 I will carry a $5000 cashiers check in my pocket all day.

    A customer called in on me and claimed I was rude.
    1980 My manager called them back and told them to use another carrier next time. (There are no other carriers.)
    2007 I was written up, my job was threatened, the company believed the customer more than they believed me.

    My truck didn't get washed last night.
    1980 Take it through the car wash, we never put a dirty truck out on the street.
    2007 We don't wash the trucks every night, shut up and drive.

    I forgot to run a call tag.
    1980 Do it tomorrow.
    2007 I get written up.

    I asked if I could bring my family in to tour the building.
    1980 My boss said it was OK, be careful, have fun.
    2007 Don't even think about it, too risky, someone may get hurt or besides, my family could be a security threat.

    I bring back 20 stops.
    1980 The manager says to keep quiet about it and do them tomorrow.
    2007 Upper management is aware of it before the rooster crows and I'm is fired.

    I ask my manager for advice on a company related problem.
    1980 We go in the office and have a heart to heart.
    2007 He can't give me any advice until he checks with his boss who has to check with his boss also.

    I joined the 401k.
    1980 UPS has a Thrift Plan for all employees and matches my contribution and puts in a percentage of the profits at the end of the year.
    2007 UPS does not match hourly employee contributions to the 401k.

    Yes things have changed over the years at UPS. I'm sure you have a few examples too.
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    Have to do too many stops at too fast a pace.....Oh you wanted changes
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    Pre IPO- Every package get delivered every day.
    Post IPO- If its not in your loop, bring it back to a clerk.
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    Driver asks manager to order him new trousers.
    1980 Driver asks for 30x30 trousers.
    2007 Driver requires 40x30 trousers.
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    ditto that
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    Only if you have gone into feeders.
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    1980 – Driver
    2007 – Service Provider

    1980 – Pay phones
    2007 – Cell Phones

    1980 – DOT virtually unknown
    2007 – Not any more

    1980 – Clipboard
    2007 – 4th Generation Diad

    1980 – Non Public
    2007 – Public

    1980 – Lighter Work Load
    2007 – A Tad Heavier Now

    1980-Take Your Child to Work Day-fully embraced for those who spend their day in the building. Balloons, popcorn and pizza for the kids with a pkg car to climb around in and they could see what Mom or Dad do in the office all day.
    2007-The children are now an expense and a liability.

    1980 – Memorizing zip codes
    2007 – PAS (Boondoggle)

    1980 – Secretaries Day
    2007 – :no:

    1980 – The Tightest Ship….
    2007 - What Can Brown Do… (Both Lame)

    1980 – The Bow Tied Pkg Logo was a classic
    2007 – Boring

    1980 – Safety Awards – Nifty
    2007 – Cheap and Thrifty

    1980 – Use your own common sense
    2007 – Avoid left turns

    1980 – Back Up At Your Own Risk
    2007 – Electronic Rear View Mirror

    1980 – Blue Label to Alaska & NDA to all 50 states
    2007 - Gonzo

    1980 - It's Your Thing, Do Whatcha Wanna Do
    2007 - The Lunch Hour Thing

    1980 - Preloaders - free to do their jobs
    2007 - Cut their hours back and let the drivers spend hours sorting, searching their loads and running misloads for 50 bucks an hour.

    1980 - Mechanics - free to do their jobs
    2007 - Cap them out at 8.0 a day so nothing gets fixed

    1980 - Preload Sups
    2007 - Salaried Preloaders (whose fault is that?)
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    1980 supes were pushy bastards who knew how to deliver and had some knowledge

    2007 sups are 22 yr old zit face college grads who never did a route never heard of an aod and never heard of a cash cod

    1980 too much work on car call in ''we got nobody do your best and make 9.5''

    2007 too much work on car call in '' the pas system said you only have blah blah blah you make 9.5 no matter what you got on ya or we will give you warning letter tommorow
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    I'm a 22 yr old zit face driver who's been running a route for about 6 months or so, but I have never heard of an "aod"...can you educate me please? Thanks in advance!
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    AOD, or Acknowledgment of Delivery. This looked like a pre-stamped white post card that was attached to the package. When it was delivered, the driver would tear it off the package and it would be mailed back to the shipper. This was replaced later by a smaller green version that has been replaced again by the tracking system used today.
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    I've only been a driver for almost 12 years and I had never heard of the AOD either. Tats a new one to me.

    I only date back to 1993 so...

    1993- 1 preload supe for 12+ loaders.
    2007- 3 preload supes for every loader.
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    Around here we call those "John Deere" pants!
    (Not everyone is going to get that)
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    1980 The television series of Wonder Woman draws to an end :dissapointed:
    2007 Wonder Woman Season 1, 2, and 3 available on DVD at Target
    for 15.99$ to be watched day and night and then night and day
    and then again. :biting:
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    remember when almost of the sups and managers had driving experience? Not too many anymore. I remember when the first ever driver retired from our center- maybe 1985. At our most recent retiring we had about 15 retirees back for cake and coffee. They are all so happy and some even look younger, like a great weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Lucky bast****! God bless them all:happy-very:
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    I cried when they preempted Wonder Woman for a Presidential address. I was gonna marry her, I just knew it.
  17. rod

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    1970s- manager runs an extention cord out to us so we can watch 8mm porno flicks on the side of a UPS trailer during the strike. Also he hangs around and drinks a couple of beers with us.
    2007 Ya sure - like that would ever happen now if there was a strike.
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    1980's- useful Founder's Day gifts
    2007 -useless Founder's Day gifts

    1980's- 8:30 start
    2007 - 8:30 finish

    1980's-pants all year long
    2007 - panting all day long

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    1970's: Competition? What competition?

    2007 : What are we doing about the Competition???? It's a brand new ballgame with UPS,FDX and DHL trying to outdo each other.
  20. old brown shoe

    old brown shoe 30 year driver

    1970's No seat belts in trucks (you would be laughed at if you asked)
    2008 You better have it on before you move truck

    1970's Boss has a few bottles in his desk drawer for after work
    2008 You bring your own water

    1970's Paper records and carbon paper
    2008 computer that tells you where to go

    1970's One big happy family
    2008 One big dysfunctional family

    1970's Thrift plan that grew in leaps and bounds
    2008 Stock thats stuck

    1970's Miss kids Christmas play
    2008 Miss grand kids Christmas play

    1970 1 Boss for every 20 drivers
    2008 20 bosses for every one driver