Now I don't know who to trust

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    Those of you that read my previous thread thank you for responding. Someone high up at UPS read it and sent a guy that we thought was our friend to ask her about it. Well she had no clue that I posted it and when he asked her she told him she knew nothing about it. He of course didn't believe her and told her that if it was me posting this it could cause her problems. What kind of crap is that. Does he honestly think that I didn't plan on the threats to her. When she says she knows nothing about it she isn't lying. All they're doing by asking her about it is giving her a harrassment case. The thing is they are playing this all wrong. I will tell her when the time is right and yes she might get a little mad at me but she will see in the end that I did it all to protect her. I know how they treat their people. Those of you that want to send me something about this just email it to me. Now I see that big brother is watching and I wouldn't want any of you to get in trouble for this. I have enough information to do what i need to do but what I will say to you is this. If you see something that you believe is unsafe DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The reason companies like this get away with what they do is because their employees are to scared to report them, they're scared of retaliation. I have news for you OSHA will protect you. There are laws that protect you from this. I can give you all the information you need just ask.
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    I cant tell you anything specific, but in our benefits there is an amount for dismemberment. And all you were doing was trying to compile info, and where better to get it. She and you shouldnt worry who sees what, you are just trying to get a fair settlement for an accident. Before the internet it was very hard to find out things. There is nothing wrong with trying from an educated group of fellow workers. Management and hourly alike. No one should go back to work after an injury like that, until it heals. And until she is a better state of mind, that in itself is unsafe. Period.
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    I agree with you 100%. She gone back to work but is in an emotional mess. All UPS is concerned with is when she is released from the doctor's restrictions. Her own division manager waited a month before he came to see her. He never even called to see how she was doing. Thank you for your comments. It's nice to hear someone that understands where I'm coming from.
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    I sure dont see any humor in it. I think some dont realize how something like that could affect you.
    I wish you both the best, and look out for her, we all need a hero. As for no one asking how she is, being in mgmt as you were, you know, acting like you care could be a downfall, like admitting guilt. But it happened, its over, and you should, (she should) be getting some guidance in how to get her beneifts. Whether it was bad equipment or whatever is a whole nother issue. It was still an accident.
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    Gee, I wonder how in the world anyone could have figured out this post was about your girlfriend......must have been some hard nosed investigations. Or it could have been the fact that you started your other post by telling everyone what hub she worked at!
    If you were honestly trying to help your girlfriend and didn't want her to know you were doing it and the whole while trying to reduce any additional stress on her.......why would you tell the world where she works and than talk about screwing the company!?!?!
    Either this story is bull**** (which I think it is) or you're not very smart! Instead of contacting a lawyer for legal advice, you turn to complete strangers across the world and trust that this is the better avenue to go down? She's a lucky girl to have such a caring boyfriend like you......God help her!
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    If this is the person I think it is you know it's true and saying that it's not is a good atempt at making people believe that I don't know what I am doing. All I have to say to you is good luck getting everything fixed in 5 days and don't think there won't be a 2nd round. I learned this game from you and it is very far from being over. If your just some gung ho UPSer than your right she is very lucky it would take an idiot to think that I just came here to get advise from people I do not know. There was a very good reason for the post and it worked out just how I figured it would. I know what I am doing and do have her protected from all of this. If anything happens to her just remember i know alot about alot of people and if she is bothered by any of this I will take alot of people down. I have alot of stories that could be found very interesting to the right people. Think about it.
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    Bro, nobody is this dumb! You can threaten all you want but the fact remains that you are nowhere near capable of competing with UPS' laywers! If you had that kind of money, yourl girl wouldn't be working so stop acting like you got something to prove. Are you going to single handidly take down the company hercules?
    If this did really happen, it's extremely unfortunate. If you don't get a good lawyer, you're an idiot. You say you want to help but all you're doing is hurting by making a public display of this! UPS will use these childish and stupid (written) "threats" against you if it ever gets to court! You're not helping your girl, you're only hurting. Stop playing the hero and get a lawyer. The tougher you try to be, the worse you make the situation. Nobody here knows who you are but I honestly doubt you have enough clout to take people down (as you claim). If that's a threat to local people, maybe you should send them an e-mail becuase here it only makes you look like a maroon! Help her if she needs it and save the drama.
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    No one is trying to take on UPS as you say. Anyone can file a complaint with OSHA since it is every companies responsibility to provide a safe work environment for its employees. There is not and has never been a reason to try to sue anyone. The whole reason to even post anything on here was to do exactly what I have done. I told her in the begining that she could not trust the people she thought she could. I told her that the people she thought were her friends would not have her back after she was injured. I will admit it has been fun hearing about the people that have spoke to her about this. I did all that I ever wanted to do and that was to prove to her who she could trust and try to make sure that the management team that poorly handled this injury would actually realize what has happened to this person and what she has had to go through. I believe that I have done that. This injury wasn't just a number or a cost there was a face attached to it and we have had to see that face and help her through all the emotional stress. So if nothing else I have :censored2: some of you off and now you realize that injuries are not just numbers. It is very inhumane to treat the people that work for you like their emotional and physical well being are not important and that the cost of their injury is irreplaceable. UPS is a multibillion dollar company, and can replace the cost of the injury in a matter of hours. Some things, as in my girlfriends case, can not be replaced. So by your actions since this happened you have proven me right thank you (you both know who you are, and we both thought that one of you was actually our friend and you have proven how much of a friend you really are). So Mr bossman you don't have to worry about me writing anything else about your "wonderful" company. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that one of your people had been severly injured and she had put faith in this company and she had put her faith in the management team and you let her down. I wanted to make sure that you took the time to see the person behind this injury, and if it took pissing you off for you to see that then at least your loss is still less than hers. Now would be a good time for you to think of the other people that have been injured working for you and all you saw them as were dollar signs or cost instead of people. It takes irrational things sometimes to get people to do what is right. When one of your employes is injured it is your responsibility to make sure that that employee is ok. Afterall the boxes do not load and unload themselves. So to everyone that has read this that were not involved in it I apologize. I'm sure that alot of this you have thought was stupid and you're right it was. It is always stupid when it takes childishness to get people to do what is right. I can assure you that I have gotten what I needed from this website and will not return to it unless there is a need to. I do not believe that all of UPS is bad it is just some of the people. I truly believe that Jim Casey would be very dissapointed in how some of the company is being ran. So thank you for finally realizing that the injury that happened on 9/21 had a face with it and you need to realize that these things do not just go away. Like I said you did and said what I needed you to and now I am done. Thank you.
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    WOW, what a nut case. You LIE "to protect" your girlfriend, who got her pinky cut and she returned to work. While, you get a OSHA lawyer( that I assume you do not have to pay for) and pursue a tirade about an evil company that you no longer work for ,to make thing right. In the future,could you please type a coherent and complete sentence.
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    I'm the nut case but you're still commenting on it so you tell me who is the nut case here buddy. I did what I set out to do and that was to get the attention of the people that swept this injury under the rug. I said that I was done with this now and you continue to push on with it. It is funny to me how persistant you are in going on with this. I appreciete your persistance in this, exactly what a good manager would do. Say what you want about me, I don't really care. I don't recall saying that I have a OSHA lawyer, I said that I spoke with a lawyer from OSHA and got the advise I was looking for. The intent of all of this was to make sure that the people involved actually realized that this was no minor situation that could be fixed by ignoring it. I love the fact that everything has been printed off and given to her as well. No matter what you think about me or my actions, I have made you see that this injury was more than just a cost to the company. It was something that hurt her very badly and her emotional pain is still there. So driver say what you want but the fact that you're even still commenting about this says it all. As long as this still pisses you off enough to commen about it even after I am finished with it shows that if I am nuts, you're just as nuts as I am. The people involved have realized now that this injury was handled wrong. The only person that I have any respect for is the person that took her to the hospital in the first place. He has been the only one involved that has shown any compassion for her feelings after the injury. So you just keep posting your replies if you want driver it's fine with me. I did all I intended to do and like I have said I am done.
  11. We know we can't trust you because you said you were going to leave and that you were "done"........I guess the voices in your head keep telling you to come back to this site huh?

    There's a nice padded room just waiting for you my friend. Here's a tip, get back on your medication and maybe the conspiracy will go away.

    Now, I'm outta here and gone forever!......well, maybe.