Now that I am brown..


Welcome to the cafe king.
As far as loading goes,just do your best,it will never be good enough.
Welcome to the machine.


Hey there, i will tell ya first hand.. just hang in there... preload is hard work.. Really hard work, but after a few weeks you get the hang of it.. i am on week 3, and I am just getting the ins and outs.. but i have a long way to go... but i really wanna drive eventually so its a neccessary evil i guess... Welcome aboard!!!



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Thanks for the warm welcomes!! I am self employed and so my initial motivation was the benefits. But, I spent the last week or two surfing the cafe here, and have come to the conclusion that driving a package car would be much better for me. I own a small furniture store that does OK. But, I do not have a pension, 401k and benefits that come along with driving for UPS. I am 35 but I have been a hard worker for most of my life. I spent many years loading and unloading furniture and even delivering. In fact I am here at work waiting for a tractor trailer to arrive so that I can unload. I know I am probably a little older then most that are getting into UPS so they can drive, but I hope that my age will not hinder me in making it to driver. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Thanks again and I will certainly be posting questions...answers,,,and even my experiences with the job!!


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I started at UPS when I was 37.. coming up on the big 40 with nearly 3 years in now..been air driving for 1 1/2 years..if I go into full time driving I will probably be about 42-43 before I would win a driving bid..(OMG).. Being around the block for a while..I think its possible.

Not ideal. But Doable.