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  1. I took the New Service Provider Training class last week and it was such a positive experience that I didn't want it to end and I've been on cloud 9 all weekend. :thumbup: It was a million times better than the training I got when I first became a driver 9 years ago and I really gotta give credit to UPS for doing its best in preparing new drivers for the job. It made me even prouder to be a UPSer and re-energized me. Anybody have similar thoughts about NSPT?
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    Did they cover the 340 methods? I doubt it. They, the methods, are forgotten.
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    ups how did you end up going through this training when you have been a driver for 9 years?

  4. Quit and came back 2+ years later...
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    Fool me once-shame on you, fool me twice-shame on me.
  6. I never wanted to leave the company but when I had to move for personal reasons, I had no choice because they wouldn't transfer me. But it's all good now because I'm back and I actually do LOVE THE JOB!
  7. BTW, I forgot to ask what the "340 methods" are and why they are forgotten... no, they didn't cover them in school, but they beat the 5 Seeing Habits and 10-Point Commentary to death.