Obama and his war on coal

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, Sep 9, 2012.

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    People who dont live around a coal mine or coal power plant are ALL FOR Coal... they have no idea what they are talking about.

    Coal Dust - What Causes Lung Cancer? - Lung Cancer Fact.com

    Cancer-Causing Chemical in the Water: New Report Details Risk | Earthjustice

    New study reveals high-silica coal causes lung cancer

    Coal ash waste tied to cancer-causing chemicals in water supplies - Mankato Green Culture | Examiner.com

    Maybe if we were not poisoning ourselves as americans in lieu of profits, our health care industry wouldnt be so jacked up. Cancer is killing thousands of americans each year and we are doing it to ourselves.

    Coal ash waste tied to cancer-causing chemicals in water supplies - Mankato Green Culture | Examiner.com

    Report: Coal-fired plants cause deaths, asthma attacks - Morning Call

    Its real easy to promote or cheer lead for an industry that does not affect you or your children. I say, if you want coal plants, then move close to one and take your small children with you.


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    This was a really dumb post to start given Romneys previous positions on coal. This does nothing but add to the list of flip flps on Romneys behalf.

    ""In 2003, Romney fought to protect public health by supporting environmental controls on a Massachusetts coal plant that was responsible for dozens of premature deaths and 14,400 asthma attacks each year, according the Harvard School of Public Health. Announcing new regulations on the coal pollution, Romney said that he would “not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people”"

    FLASHBACK: In 2003, Romney attacked coal jobs that "kill people" | ThinkProgress

    Romney in 2003: "I Will Not Create Jobs That Kill People" - YouTube

    Amazingly, the GOP would put a complete say anything, do anything candidate on the ticket knowing his OWN WORDS would destroy him.

    2012, the year of the GOP joke that surpassed Sarah Palin.


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    Hey geniuses, I live on the border of By God W.Va. Many of the people I live around work there. yes it is dangerous, yes its not the best for health, but its certainly better than it was. And we need it and they need the jobs. There is not alot else in the area to work at, and they want their jobs. Unless Obama is going to put up a bogus windfarm, or solar plant, and guess what else, solar isnt real popular here, as the sun doesnt always shine.
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    Got it. Mormons believe in using the world up, because they get their own planet anyway, and the rest of us, as a country, have decided that if you want to pollute, you have to clean it up, because it's the only planet we have.

    The asbestos mines in Canada are hiring, maybe Klein can put in a good word for you.
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    Brilliant, Ohio coal plant mine[*] closes: guess why? | RedState
    Maybe you should go to another thread if this bothers you.
    I live here, I see the devastation of closures. You do not. Its just a few hundred here, a few hundred there. We will give them food, housing, heating and electric help, then they can become one of us. The difference, these are hard working people with a history they are proud of, they want to work, not a handout. it would be wonderful to have nice clean tidy jobs. That is not how America was built, sorry, read history. I will continue to show anyone who reads, how the efforts of the EPA shutting these plants hurts all of us. Maybe not you in cali, but here yes. I dont care how you think, I know how you think, and thats fine, and why we have elections. Hopefully this time, more informed people will open their blinders and look around.
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    One of the main reasons Coal isn't doing so well now is the exponential utilization of Natural Gas due to more efficient technologies, i.e. 'fracking'.

    It's simply cheaper, right now, to go with NG than it is to go with coal.

    In my area (northeast) they are retrofitting coal-fired power plants to run on NG because of the cost differential.

    Sooo...do you want to tell all of the recently employed NG workers that they're 'killing coal'?

    My guess, it wouldn't go very far.
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    Yeah, I live in this progressive state and every other car I see on the freeway is natural gas...........NOT !!!
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    Umm, I'm not talking about cars.

    I'm talking about the fuel we run our power plants on.
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    Oh Heck no, I wouldnt tell them that. My town is over ran, and I love it, by the new shale and utica drilling. Some of my farmer neighbors have made millions because of it, and I say good for them.
    Im all for new energy, but as of yet, it isnt here. And we need energy. And there is two centuries of coal in the ground and as of now, things have not been retrofitted for CNG, when it is, Im all for it and Then and ONLY THEN, should coal die a slow death.
    See you have me wrong. You think I am just against Obama, and while I do not care for him for many reasons, my complaint is do not put coal to death before its time. We still need it. Im not ready for a 357% rise in electrical energy, and Im not a big fan of brown outs and blackouts. When something is found to fuel my car to go to work every day, besides gas, Ill be all for that too. But in the here and now, we need energy, and we need to use what we have, until something comes along that makes it obsolete.
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    PS, most of the jobs in the fields here now, have brought TX, and OK boys here. Cool, it helps the businesses, and the housing market. And they had jobs when they took these jobs. That is what they do. Not to mention, they are pretty good to look at. Point being, coal is what the guys in W.Va do. VA, Ohio< Ky as well.
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    Exactly. Maybe they'll credit Obama with creating Natural Gas job. Or maybe not.
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    I doubt it. The transition to natural gas has been happening for far more than 4 years where NG commanded around a 10% to 20% share of electricity generation. Only in the last couple of years has the percentage of total generation thanks to NG gone up to now reach 30%. This process began before Obama and I'd no more credit Bush as I would give Obama credit. Both coal and NG enjoy gov't subsidy and the environmental effects whatever they may be are socialized on the backs of the public so the real true costs are hard to transparently measure.

    That said, we live in a world where no matter the cause, when ever the benefits or harms become public, those who currently hold office get to take the lion's share of the credit (or blame) so Obama will claim it I'm sure so on that note of past practice, Obama and supporters get to gloat!

    Have fun with it as I'm sure you will.
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    Are you referring to the Salem Harbor Power Station ?

    In 2000, coal was the third-most-used fuel for electricity in New England, accounting for 18 percent of the region's power. Now, it produces just 6 percent of regional power, according to grid operator ISO New England.
    The Brayton Point plant in Somerset on the market .
    Because this five-decade-old plant which also burns oil and natural gas, Dominion spent about $1.1 billion to modernize the plant it bought in 2005. But the estimated earnings are bleak. In a report Thursday, the day of Dominion's announcement, USB Investment Research projected Brayton Point would lose $3 million this year and again in 2014.
    The plant, located on Mount Hope Bay across the mouth of the Taunton River, employs 215 people and can provide power to 1.5 million people at full capacity, Dominion says.
    Somerset selectman chairman Patrick O'Neil said he's not worried the plant has a future, but he has concerns a low sale price could drop its assessed value. That would have implications in Somerset, which received a nearly $16 million tax payment from the station this fiscal year -- just $2.5 million less than the town's entire K-8 school budget for fiscal 2013.