Obama's Misleading Speech

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Wow, You are so right! Obama is only for these social programs it drives me nutts. I say get rid of welfare, social security and these stupid pensions that companys are paying for on the consumers dime and Gi bills and military service pay forget that too. I decided we don't need that either. Companys need to stay here and stay in business and not have to worry about anybodys interest especially programs and certainly not thier golden years. Make sure we Lower the minimum wage to the amount an Indonisian worker is getting so US of A's companys won't have to leave anymore or threaten to leave because we would like to tax them fairly and make sure to lower health care premiuims so we get substandard medical care. Everyone is tired of funding them. And I am so tired of paying for these that I never qualify for!

    Go John, No Bama! 8 more years......
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    90% of social programs are not needed and only half of that 10% are actually workable due to bureaucacy.
    Heres the deal social security in its form never should have been created, bc right now im paying for someone elses retirement as well as my own because the money wont be there when i hit retirement age.
    Id rather not pay for abortions used as birth control for service women
    Id rather not pay for plastic surgery for service members familys that is purely for slight cosmetic improvement.
    Id rather not pay for unfit mothers to take care of their children
    Id rather not pay immigrants health care and schooling.

    So yes I will take 8 more years with McCain, Id rather have my money in my pocket thanks.

    ps i dont want any flack for ANY of this, all of these are easily fixable.
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    When you show me your bank statements, checking account, real estate taxe bill, federal tax bill, state tax bill that says you paid for cosmetic surgery for someone you didn't know, then you will win your case!

    Until then i rest my case!

    Just Fax me a copy of your receipts or post them here at BC so we all can see that you paid for abortions too!

    I'll give you a refund with your receipt!

    Vote fore McCain and you will be paying alot more with Bush tax breaks to the richest of the rich!
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    Income taxes are taken out correct?
    All those situations Ive stated, have been done at military medical facilities, free of charge to the patient
    You cant tell me i dont pay for them, and you cant tell me i need to show my bank statements to show that, 18% of my wage is taken by the federal goverment to support these programs.

    You liberals are funny, you complain about spending 10 billion dollars a month in a war. But youd have no problem spending it on socially irresponsible people at home. 100 years ago did we have any of these programs? NO, yes some of them are beneficial, and some of them dont get the funding they deserve but the OUR tax dollars shouldnt give a person the right to be lazy, irresponsible, or just plain stupid!
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    By all means go back to 1908 and wash your clothes on a board! And take away everything that we worked for. Start with voting laws or wait start with the black people not allowed to sit in the front seat of a bus! And just let me know when ethnic cleansing is about to happen so I can get my hot dogs ready to bake! Oh wait, lets forget about all the great things that we have overcome to prove a point about your conservative ways!

    I really don't want to go there, no cars, no refrigerator, no stereo or tvs!

    Bread lines were a good thing too?

    We have come a long way and I choose not go back in time!

    Try the Caveman era, there were no social programs!

    I'd say rather lets go back to the wild west!
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    Geez Slave, now you done gone and lost my vote again. To hear you, you'd think without 20th century fascist socialism otherwise known as the American Way, we'd still be living in caves and wearing loin cloths. Why don't you pull your thong out of your crack a minute and consider what is called 18th century Classical Liberalism and what that type of thinking gave us before it was destroyed during the 19th and 20th centuries by demonrats and republicons.


    You gotta stop thinking so emotional and il-rational. Fear is the mind killer!

    Hey drewed, would you like another cup of cyanide tea laced with hemlock? I see you've already knocked out a few pots so why not have more! With warm compliments of the RNC and the McCain campaign.

    The very things you've listed as objecting to,(and I would concur) McCain has sat in Congress since 1982' and helped get those enacted and maintained under law. So now you think Satan himself is gonna see the light and go out and preach to fulfill the Great Commission? Even Jesus is laughing his arse off at that one!

    Obama is a piece of :censored2: IMO but McCain is a proven cesspool!
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    What does our tax dollars have to do with any of that?
    Good job trying to change the subject, but all you did is prove you have a screw loose
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    Paid are you saying our tax dollars did not pay for these things?
  11. drewed

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    Im not saying McCain is the second coming, all im saying is he is the lesser of two evils, and id rather take his word that he wont expand gov't (could go either way i know) over that of the man that says he will expand it
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    If you're going to go back in history don't forget the civil war when a republican president stood up for the rights of minorities by releasing them from slavery.
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    Agreed. The second Obama allows the bush cuts to expire he increases taxs for all americans. If he then puts in a plan to increase taxs on the rich and does not touch the lower earners the net result is still a tax increase for those folks.

    Socialized medicine will be a huge expense that will cost americans quite a bit.

    Obama is losing ground because americans realize he is promising so much that will cost so much money and that Obama only has one way to pay for it all. Screw the taxpayer.
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    Yea, like Ive pointed out in the other threads, hes all flash he says things that sound great to people, but his plans are glamorous and if the economy were booming and things were good, id say lets try some of them out. But things arent good, and we need to rebuild it to the good ol days

    Mccain, doesnt speak in complete truths, but his plans are more workable with a higher chance of success than obamas.
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  16. drewed

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    Youre dumb and have too much time on your hands
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    You need to get a hobby.
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    You have never stated what McCain would do?

    If you think and believe that allowing the Rich on average really need to keep $55,000 a year more with Bush's Tax Reform for Million dollars earners while you and I get to keep on an average of $70 a year more if you make less than 100k is fair? Then cast your vote! I hope your $70 a year and your rebate check you have saved because you will need it!

    Expect the same the next 4 years!

    I would have to believe you are the Ignorant one here! Go back to school and take some math courses over again because I can't teach you a thing!

    Obama will fund All of his progams with the income tax by giving up your rebate check and $70 a year you have saved with Bush Tax Cuts and balance the budget!

    You have to ask yourself, does a million dollar earner need more tax relief?

    I believe I know your answer! Good day!
  19. drewed

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    The wealthiest 1% also have the most to loose in a bad economy. That is our economy most of us can only hope to invest well and maybe have a mil or 2 for retirement.
    The wealthiest 1% invest in startups, diversify and keep our economy rolling, yea the figures should be slightly adjusted but i have no problem getting less if it means ill have a job next time next year

    Go back and take some economic classes im not going to teach you anything
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    The richest 1% invest in startup companys by searching the ends of the World for the Cheapest labor thus making more money and paying no federal taxes! If you believe they will invest in the US you are dead wrong! Your Nike gym shoes are still costing you an arm and a leg and they are not made here.

    They are being made with pennies on the dollar with child labor and no savings to the consumer! Your pair of shoes will be the same price!

    If start up businesses want to compete, they will follow Nike format to the ends of the World!

    Thank God we are in Service work!