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    So, exactly which house did you believe I would be burning down if it was not a figure of speach?
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    Why did they have "two kids" in the FIRST place, if they couldn't support them? It may sound harsh....but am I supposed to subsidize some clown because he can't keep his peter in his pants? Why don't YOU subsidize them?

    As for your "our jobs" claim...yeah, well, we've seen how far THAT type of attitude has gotten you, haven't we? Seems that "demand" can be found in OTHER parts of the world as well; parts where the workers are willing to be COMPETITIVE and EARN the wages that satisfy that "demand". With that in mind, perhaps you might have noticed that companies can do - and do "do" - quite well without the alleged "hard labor" of folks like you. It seems they can venture-out to many parts of the world where workers really ARE willing to work "hard"...and efficiently and cost-effectively as well. And, while you can rail and scream at those "bastards" all you want, it seems such childish antics aren't going to bring THEIR jobs back. The only effective way that "bring back" can be accomplished is if people like you have a way to ATTRACT employers here again. But guys like you seem to have a little bit of a problem in that area, don't ya'? Seems employers aren't really enthralled by the idea of employing those who aren't appreciative of such opportunites, nor are they jumping at the gun to hire those who think that maybe the house ought to be "burned down". Seems they're "strange" that way, 'eh?

    Anyway, I've got news for ya'...those "greedy bastards" WOULD - and DO - have companies that are in no way, shape, or form dependent upon parasites like you....and they're showing it each and every day. Granted, guys like you don't like it...but, with your current attitude, there's not a chance [literally!] "in the world" that you can change it. Bummer, isn't it?
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    I think you made it quite clears as to "which house". You were advocating revolution..and defending those who have actually (and recently) taken violent - albeit small - steps in that direction already. No bozo who talks of the French Revolution in terms of what the peasants (or whatever) xupposedly gained while slighting the literally hundreds of thousands (and perhaps millions!) of their number who lost their lives in the valleys of the Italian Piedmont, or the sand dunes of Egypt, or the snowy wastes of Russia, or watched their blood dripping away in the fields of Saxony and Belgium, or perhaps their heads dropping to the bottom of wicker baskets beneath a guillotine, or experiency starving to death because idiots like you "burned" their crops - along with their houses - is in a position to talk of what "good" he has to offer society. Nor is he one who recalls the absolute TYRANNY that type of "revolution" invariably results in. THAT is the type of "house burning" I KNOW you were talking about. And it disgusted me!

    You said what you said...and you know the manner in which you said it. And, relative to what I believe this country has given you, I think that makes you a pretty scummy person. Deal with it.
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    LOL. Consider it dealt with.
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    And stop taking yourself so seriously. You're going to give yourself heart problems.
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    It's not myself that I'm taking so "seriously". Rather, it's the attitude of parasitism and "gimme, gimme"-ism of individuals such as yourself that I find to be a serious matter. I believe you and your kind are engaged in destroying the country....and your expressions of willingness to "burn down the house' do little to lighten what I see as the seriousness of that matter.

    I know guys like you think the world owes them a living. I also know that guys like you are sometimes illogically willing to immolate yourselves, along with the rest of society generally, if you don't get your way. That, to me, is a VERY serious matter.

    Heck, it's a serious enough matter that guys like you have ALREADY pissed away literally millions of this nation's job opportunities. To factor in your apparent desire to finish off the REST of them as well - along with the overall societal structure - would seem to be an EXTREMELY "serious" matter.

    If, like some Vietnamese monk, you want to drench YOURSELF with gasoline and strike up a light, then more power to ya'. But if you want to pour your gasoline on the "house" that I and my fellow Americans inhabit, then that's another thing entirely.
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    My country too, Pobre. And if I am for scrapping the two party system and starting over, is that tyranny to your corporatism? If we march in the streets declaring unfair business practices, is my speech not protected? Then what of Jefferson's famous quote dealing with the blood of patriots? What is protected and what is not?

    And consider what I have maintained all along. What I have called "burning down the house" and insisted was a figure of speach, you have turned into revolution. So in essence you agree that it is a figure of speach and have attached the most heinous of meanings to it. That is your right, to live in self guided delusion, but let me remind you, you brought up the French Revolution, not me.
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    Your not talking about "marching in the streets", "bbsam"...you're talking about BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE! What's more, you've defended those who ALREADY have started such "burning". As for Jefferson's quote, he was speaking of PATRIOTS! Not some imbeciles who are attempting to DESTROY what true patriots have spent their effort and life-blood to build.

    Is speech protected? Sure...but your right to free "speech" ends when you try to start your neighbor's house afire. Read your post again, clown...you didn't mention anything about "the two party system", or about gradual change, rather you SPECIFICALLY talked about "burning down the house". You offered NOTHING in the way of POSITIVE solutions; you're entire premise was - and is - one based on DESTRUCTION.

    "Yes", I *DID* bring up the French Revolution...to point out the excesses and human misery it brought about. You, on the other hand, DEFENDED those excesses, and attempted to JUSTIFY them. Makes me think that you and the Jacobins would have gotten along right nicely! And, if you recall, Jefferson's "actual blood" quote went something like...

    "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

    Now, given that you want to DESTROY the most contributory citizens of the country, to TAKE AWAY their liberty, in order to further your OWN special interests...coupled with a declared wish to make those people - specifically those who nourish your very existence - your "servants", just which class of person do you consider YOURSELF to be in? I can state unequivocally that you're most certainly not a 'patriot"...but your sure as Hell seem bent on becoming a "tyrant". The fact that you apparently DO wish to shed the blood of TRUE patriots while BECOMING a "tyrant" seems a pretty strong indication along those lines, doesn't it?

    In the end, I'm not sure this *IS* "your country too", "bbsam". You see, I feel this country belongs to those who are willing to WORK for it, and to those who cherish the freedoms of individual expression and initiative it fosters...and the ability to gather the fruits from same. You're nothing like that type of person. To say that this country "belongs' to the likes of you - a person who wants to DESTROY it - is an abomination.
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    I call B.S.! Nobody is this silly!
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    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government," TJ
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    Hey bbsam, ol pobre seems a bit obsessed with that phrase burning down the house. Typical reactionary blather. My guess is he has a youngster who is part of OWS or has a lazy teenager at home who is a "gimme" type so his outlet is to come on this forum and strike back.
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    Never thought of that. Could be.
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    ............"Typical reactionary blather. .................." (804)

    I used to have a reactionary bladder......what? Oh, nevermind.
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    So, quit your job, your family, etc and you can realize your true independence!!! Wouldn't want you to feel tied down.
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    It is quite amazing how some of you react to what gets posted. This aricle I posted spoke of taking responsibility over our own lives. Taking control over the impersonal corporate-political -financial system far removed from our lives. Doing things like buying locally grown produce , alternative fuels, alternative means of travel, etc. Yet you react as though it said to "quit your family, job..." when it NEVER did. It illustrates so nicely how the right conjures up out of nowhere a boogey man and rails against it. BREAKING NEWS: the left recommends leaving your family !! Or maybe you are just lazy and did not read the article and just REACTED without thinking. Or maybe your ideology has distorted how you think to the point where up is down and day is night. You see everything through your ideological frame and therefore react with a prepackaged/typical response.
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    Ok then....how have you taken control over corporate UPS ? What has become your alternate mode of travel? What is your alternate fuel? How do you heat your house? Provide illumination?
    How have you switched from banking? What farmer's produce did you buy last weekend? Do you all pull and fill your own teeth........cause most doctors are a corporation? How do you plan on escaping the "corporations? Even churches are corp.? Do you worship in your yard ?
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    For many to be lazier than they are now.

    Geraldo Rivera was being interviewed by a journalist last week. Geraldo mentioned that with a Puerto Rican backround both he and the journalist were free in this country to work hard and become the successful people they presently are.

    Geraldo used the old "we must level the playing field for those today "

    The journalist pointed out --there are more social programs and assistance today than ever before.
    Also pointed out ---more drop outs from school --free to do so.
    More babies born out of wedlock to single moms --into poverty.
    More people unwilling to take "start up" jobs and work there way up.
    More people that want everything --cradle to grave --paid for by someone else.
    More people addicted to drugs.

    Take a UPS Driver --works hard --excellent salary and benefits. Cries "system is unfair --I will never be rich"

    Will not change route
    cries about overtime
    Go into management --are you crazy --I want all the PROTECTION of a "union contract SYSTEM" where we all get paid the same.

    In America if you are not a clown in school, not a drug addict, not a producer of children you do not support, are willing to work hard and apply yourself ---Doctor, Lawyer any profession you want to be you are free to do so.

    The only "system" that holds you back is your OWN. A driver has a choice to remain in a "system" of all the same or reach for wealth in many different fields in management --but of course does not want to do that --much too hard --easier to complain that the "system is rigged" Look in the Mirror --that is the person that tells you the real story !!
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