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    Does anyone know where I can find in writing- the # of hours needed for a part-timer to get health insurance. I have asked around and keep getting different answers. I have been at UPS over 11 years. I am starting a new job but still air driving 1 day a week.

    I know one guy who works about 6 hours a week & still gets everything covered. As long as you are paying union dues and putting in something each week do you qualify? Massachusetts state law also requires employers to offer insurance to all employees-so does that make a difference?

    I have checked my local union website and UPS supplement agreement. I can not find anything in writing.

    I don't want to take any chances on someone saying -oops your not covered because not enough hours. I can get insurance at my other job but I had 2 insurance coverages before & it is a pain in the butt because neither one wants to cover your bills because they say it is the other ones responsibility. They end up sending me the bill & I have to spend tons of time going back & forth. :knockedout:

    If anyones knows where I can find information that is not here-say,
    I'd appreciate it.

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    *bump* can some 20YEAR+ guy please answer that? Is there a minimum amount of hours required? If so, I was never told.
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    someone move this into the labor relations board so we can get some views.

    i have of laid-off air drivers wondering what the min. hours are as well. they want to work sat. only and not have to come in at 3am for preload!
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    500 hours
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    40 hours in 30 days fact
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    Varies with regional/local riders, supplements, addenda, etc. HERE (Chicago area-Local 705) no minimum hours worked requirement for health insurance for part time. Paid vacation, FMLA eligibility, pension credit have minimums, but not for health bennies.
    UPSGIRL1, keep asking people locally: check with HR & either a steward who has experience with this or union rep/BA. Until you get the same answer from both sides, be wary.
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    This is all I know : ZERO hours in all OECD countries (economic developed countries)
    except for Turkey and USA.
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    anyone know specific for atlantic region; i looked through my supplement and all i can find is the same language as the NMA about supplement language not overiding...
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    call your business agent, it is 500 hours every 6 months. jan. thru jun.,jul thru dec. if you are part time you can only miss 5 unpaid days and you will lose your ins.
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    that doesnt seem right that is ~20hrs a week. id est. only 50% of the pre-load in my building gets a full 4 hrs EVERY day... and they have insurance.

    5 unpaid days also seems wrong on sat. they used to let 4-5 higher senority air drivers go home almost every sat. as in 30+ a year and they have insurance.

    we have a call out to our B.A but one of the air drivers i worked with for 5 years before going F.T was ready to quit 2 days ago b/c of being forced onto pre-load. i convinced him to just use up his sick days to which will last until tue. so we are in a crunch.

    the other question would be if a article 40 bid air driver (eam) is layed off can they be forced onto pre-load? according to managment the position is not eliminated just on lay-off due to volume.