OK, got the Tour Tomorrow?

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    I will wear my boots! I will be early! I will look around at the real work environment! I am sure I will be pleasent! and will ask the ?s. It is part time package handler position!. Being unemployed I must figure out the shift they want me to work so I can find other means of income!. I am really worry'ed this process will take week's?. Is that so?. I want the job because I am tired of working for a business that have no future. In this economy it has hurt me bad. I am 55 and can still get it on, but worry about my age and the need to put my glasses on for reading. Any and all help will be helpfull. I am used to dressing for the day and like I said will need to find other income depending on the shift. Any help?. Thanks TC. PS. I am glad it is not the brown note!Big Bass (2).jpg
    Big Bass (2).jpg
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    Welcome to the browncafe dude,slow down man.
    You may or may not find your dream job at ups.
    I'm 57 and a ft driver.Every day is a challenge,just
    work as directed and take your lunch.
    If you get the job.
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    OK, Point taken. I would still like to know if I will be a candidate at my age.