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    Since the new contract hasnt gone in affect and nobody has received there contractual raises, doesnt this mean that we are working with out a contract? My main concern on this issue if one of our members are fired and we file a grievance who's to say the company will not come back and say, sorry we dont recognize this contract? Just curious as to what others were thinking, and if I may be way off base here. Thanks.
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    The old contract is still in affect. The IBT has agreed to month-to-month extensions for it while they try to get the supplementals passed.
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    Gotcha I should have known that, ive been out of work since Jan 2012 injured and I haven't been in the lool like I should have been.
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    I'm "bare" ing as we speak.
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    That thread title does get ones hopes up on a Sunday morning, doesn't it?
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    Crossed that off the list Sat. Morning. Sundays are for football.
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    ​Football doesn't start till noon.
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