On time network...haha

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ghost in the Darkness, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. PT Car Washer

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    You guys still have Sprinters? We use Dodge Pro Vans.
  2. PeakMode

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    Tomorrow is going to a a crap show. Air will probably be late to every building. I hope they relax air commitments for Fri and Sat.
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  3. Rack em

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    Tomorrow is going to like peak day for us. I know 2 drivers calling out already and we are already using every person available as it is and everyone has had 11+ hour dispatches this week.
  4. thecamel

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    Failing to control so many small elements of this business, and all we hear from the "partners" is bitch, bitch, bitch about the stock.
    It almost looks like we don't know what the he'll we are doing.
    No correlation though. Freaking day traders making our stock price sink.
  5. SafetyFirst

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    Forcing failing technology can't help the stock price. Paying top rate drivers to work preload before going on the road also cannot help costs.
  6. DR7

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    Same here. We have drivers using customer counter diads and part timers delivering half days. Dm was stutteling late planes. And he came over from 250 miles away. 25 drivers working tomorrow to deliver air.
  7. Heavy Package

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    So true. Sick of the stupid barking by my loser Center Manager that the start time for tomorrow is moved back by 5 mins... No, wait, 10 mins, no DIAD message at 2pm saying 15 mins. Union Steward says BS to all of it, not enough notice. Keep same start time. Gotta love the stupidity of this place every Fri on the paycheck.
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  8. Dr.Brownz

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    Our great new plan is late air everyday! Seriously! Hasn't been on time for 2 months straight! We get all of it brought out to us some days and only perishable stuff some days. Management can't decide whether the shuttled stuff is committed or not leading them to tell drivers they like to not break for it and trying to issue warning letters to others. We work for idiots. Oh well, I'm making more money, driving more miles and doing less work. There is no way a driver like me would know how to save the company money though, probably easier to tell by looking at 100's of pages of numbers.
  9. robot

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    On Time NEVER
  10. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    actually all the preloads i see not wrapping have totally :censored2: methods
  11. Let's keep getting us out of the building at 8

    Heaven forbid you start those guys 15 minutes earlier

    Those refunds must be cheap...
  12. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    your reply is so incoherent i don’t even know what to say

    lay off the beer man you have work tomorrow