OPEC Oil Goes Below $50

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 17, 2005.

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    Keep conserving and don't let up as best you can in everything you do. Even conserve on the job where you can and if you're a hardliner to UPS just look beyond UPS and think about keeping the money out of OPEC's hands. OPEC will constrict output if oil gets below $40 is my guess but we need to keep fighting and not give in. If they pinch we, as consumers, need to pinch back. JMO.
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    Petrol down again

    Thats 5 weeks in a row petrol (sorry still can't get used to calling it Gas) has come down by 5 cents. I am down to paying $2.50 for premium.
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    I'm actually seeing regular just under $2 a gallon now with most regular under $2.10. Premium is $2.20 to $2.30 a gal.

    Petro is probably the more correct term but we lazy Americans still call it gas from gasoline. Saw a guy wolf down a bean burrito once and exclaimed he had to go get gas. Someone close by but quickly departing told him he would have plenty very shortly!
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    I hear OPEC is set to meet on Dec. 12 regarding the state of the market. Who wants to bet they are going to cut production to get prices up?
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    You'd win that bet if you could find a taker and I doubt you will.
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    wkmac......OK, you got me all excited when I saw the title of that article!! I thought it was a current one at first. I was thinking, geez, it was just at $67 a barrel, what happened?

    Oh well, I can dream, can't I? :confused:1
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    looks like susan is back as Information Please.
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    Haven't seen any negativity from IP as we did from susie. If it's her.
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    maybe it's her practicing restraint.......:sad:
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    I think it's obvious it's Susiedriver.
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    Have you ever considered that if Cheryl booted Susie out and if Susie tried to post that her IP would show and that would kick her out and the post would never show at all? Could she go to someone else's computer with different IP and post? Yep but think about it. If she could do that she'd also probably sign up and create the havoc you guys thought she did. It's true she was no angel and was her own worst enemy and in several PM's I flat told her so. Believe it or not, when one on one Susie was actually pleasant and many times fun to talk too. Problem was she tended to, well let's just say to keep it family friendly "Show Off" when she got into a crowd and that was her downfall. Based on what I know of the situation Susie make some very bad moves that were beyond the pale and based on the fact she's no longer around I only asume now Cheryl acted on this and there you go.

    Wiley is correct. IP has been polite and respectful in all ways as I see it making the points he/she wants to make. I personally have enjoyed his/her comments and input and hope IP continues to post and offer thoughts to the fray. Cheryl has made it clear about the posting policy and IMO that's that. Stop being so paranoid.

    You know if you think about it, someone else has been missing for some time now and it's ironic that the appearance of IP seems to coincide at about the same time this missing person might just be back into a position they can access Browncafe. Not saying IP is that person but a few of IP's remarks sure have a familar tone to them. "If" IP is that person I just want to say welcome back and did you tell Mickey hey like I asked?:wink: