ORION + Hybrid Driver = Autonomous Vehicles

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  1. The sensors should be sending the toxicology report to the cops already and looking to dodge the drunken swagger.

    But in all seriousness...
    the problem is even worse in sensing bicycle riders in a lane.
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    Old fashioned is better!!! Why make a steam shovel when you can have 20 guys doing it with a shovel?....or 200 with a spoon ect. I’m not gonna argue the whole automation philosophical argument. That’s a whole other thread. I’m honestly just mind blown that you guys are so close minded and can’t see what’s coming. It’s scary that you guys can’t see.
    We still have a constitution fam. And I agree concerning bike riders and pedestrians, that’s why the interstates will be the first place we will see semi autonomous vehicles in a corporate setting. The article I posted proves it. Open your mind, use your imagination, throw in profit margins you will see this is coming sooner than you think. If the republicans stay in power, even sooner.

    We are coming to a point of no return. Universal basic Income is very real solution. Jobs aren’t coming back from automation

    There were books in the 70s about this, this books assumed we would all be only working 20-30 hours a week benefiting from robots, instead big corporations are simply cutting jobs.
  3. That's why they are testing them metro areas? SMH
    Turn on the light. I know it's available.
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    Have a look in the mirror - that right, no difference than the bail out bankers that thought prime loan will save the US. Then, they run away with golden parachute. So yeah, old fashion is better.
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    American is capitalist. Idk if you knew. Trump is pro business. This has nothing to do with bankers and bail outs, it has to do with what is “safer” “greener” and better for big biz.
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    Honestly what are you talking about? Waymo, Uber and other companies are testing on urban areas to gain data

    Trucking and logastical companies are going for the easier solution. That highway feeder route from la to San Francisco.

    I honestly am not seeing your guys argument. If ups can have 1k Tesla trucks running fully semi-autonomous routes they can very easially make anothe pay scale of feeder drivers. It’s coming. Give it another 20 or so years and package cars will be able to run a whole route with simply a jumper running the packages to the door, at a lesser pay rate.

    Please explain what I’m saying that you don’t agree with.
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    What happens when a self driving UPS truck and a self driving Fedex truck pull into a business with only 1 loading dock available?
    Will the software on one tell the other one "be my guest, I can wait"
    What keeps both from trying to take the same spot and not having an accident?
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    Your totally not understanding how this is going to work. CPU routes and “drop off area to hub” will be handled manually. The 4-8hr highway feeder run will be semi autonomous with a baby sitter in the seat. If there are bad conditions or a situation where the autonomous vehicle cannot read the road, an alert will notify the driver to take control.

    Ups can essially make another job Classification for these “baby sitter” drivers.

    This will be the first step, in another 15-20 or so years all of these vehicles will be connected via IoT and yes, a computer will be able to tell who pulled up to the dock first to the millisecond and give the right of way.
  9. Both vehicles sensors will tell the vehicles to wait and there theyll be until they run out of fuel...hopelessly sheeting next day airs late.
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    Ya, we can’t tell time right? The lack of imagination is absolutely mind boggling to me.
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    They ordered electric tractors, not self driving tractors.
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    Seriously? Wow

    So the Tesla tractors will have no semi autonomous features? The delusion is unreal.

    You guys sound like the boomers in the late 70s early 80. “These japs will never make good cars like us Americans do!!! Your crazy to think that”

    Or the Korean cars in the 90s “those kias are crap! Koreans can’t build good stuff”

    And here we are, with Samsung TVs being the best on the market, and genesis making a damn good product.

    Keep your head in the sand!!!
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    Not that I'm aware of, at least beyond the new safety features that all the other new tractors have. What semi autonomous features are you referring to?
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    The same semi autonomous features every single Tesla vehicle come wirh now.

    Aka auto pilot. Over the past 5 years they have already gained tons of freeway data samples. The same freeways these trucks will drive on
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    Some good stuff here, other than the insults. Right wrong or indifferent, this WILL happen. There is NO philosophical debate; just as there wasn't when automobile factories began processing car parts during the industrial evolution. There is no doubt in my mind that there will be human casualities as a result of this technology, but that's not going to hold UPS back from continuing to invest. They will work out the kinks and it will be safe enough to depoly, EVENTUALLY. It's not like the entire UPS fleet will be phased out, we will work side by side with this; how? I have no idea. Babysitters? Guys behind a computer overseeing in each center? Lot's of possibilities. I'm confident that I will retire from this job in 30 years, and by that time we will probably have answers to these hypothetical questions.
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    You know for a fact that all the tractors that UPS ordered from Tesla come with an auto pilot?
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    It says they're still testing it, which doesn't surprise me. We'll have to wait and see whether UPS actually gets it. I have no doubt that at some point all our longer runs start utilizing this tech but I don't think it happens next year, right now I'm guessing that UPS is more interested in the cost savings of going electric.
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    So what percentage (autonomous vehicle-to human) do you think it will take before UPS starts realizing a return on their investment?

    What do you think the statics will bare???

    I'm asking sincerely, but uneasy, while fully ackowledging the implications.

  20. Why the heck would they need some "guy" babysitting behind a computer, overseeing this, if you dont need a "guy" behind the wheel?