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    This is an interesting link about trucking companies and their quest to improve efficiency. The funny thing is the companies talk about being concerned with the way their drivers feel, as a path to reducing costs. Haha.

    Two things: what UPS tells these journalists always stretches the truth and in practice, UPS more resembles the federal government, as a huge bureaucracy, where the ideas at the top rarely get implemented as intended at the ground level. As the UPS rep says, routes are designed with lunches and breaks in mind. How many believe that? And they claim that the emotional well-being of the driver is figured into the route. We all know THAT isn't the case at UPS.

    Anyway, an interesting read.

    Unhappy Truckers and Other Algorithmic Problems - Issue 3: In Transit - Nautilus
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    These management folks at ups seem like good people. Not
  3. stink219

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    It's because of the lies by lower to upper management. The lower paints a pretty picture for their superiors.
    Sups lie to Managers.
    Managers lie to Devision Managers.
    Devision Managers lie to District Managers.
    District Managers lie to Labor Managers.
    Labor lies to Regional Managers.
    Regional lies to VP's.
    VP's lie to the President.
    President lies to COO or CEO.
    Scott Davis lies to the press.
    So from the bottom to the top, there is an illusion of how things are.
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    Shadiest place ive ever worked. Just trying to get the last 13 years 10 monthsof my prison sentence done lol.
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    Good read. Article says each mile saved= 30 mil. Myron Gray though says its 50 mil
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    Everybody at UPS seems to be shady these days, even the next teamster co-worker right beside you and that steward that you look upon to be your guidance and to lead by examples. Nothing but opportunistic hypocrites that only care about their well being. I just come to work to work and collect my check and go home, I'm not looking for any special relationship with anybody, I just consider it a job, nothing less, nothing more.
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    I had my ORION implementation ride on Thursday.

    It didnt work. I had to turn it off almost immediately in order to make service on businesses and to avoid doing pickups 4 hours before their scheduled time. It predicted that I would run 129 miles; by switching it off and running the route my way we only did 120, and I was 10 out of 11 on pickup compliance and only half an hour overallowed.

    There were pockets of the route where it was an improvement over the flawed EDD, and with a significant amount of work on management's part it could wind up being of some benefit to a relief driver when I am on vacation, but it wont ever be able to duplicate the 17+ years of area knowledge I have in my rural area and I have no intention of ever using it. On my route at least, there is no way the company will ever regain the money it spent implementing it. Its unfortunate that those resources were utterly wasted on flashy, high-tech gimmicks instead of low-tech, realistic improvements to our preload operation and dispatch system that would reduce misloads and generate authentic savings in time and miles.
  8. Dracula

    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    On the bright side, it's only taken 10+ years to get this far. I wonder what that over-allowed would look like on paper? I bet someone is going to have a bullseye on their back...oh wait, it's management, so over-allowed doesn't matter there.
  9. bottomups

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    Get my first ORION ride today.
    Gentleman, start your engines.
    ​Let the games begin.
  10. soberups

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    I've been on it for about a week now.

    Today I looked at it, laughed, and shut it off immediately.

    Doing it my way saved 17 miles with 90% compliance on pickups and no late air.

    The individual in management who signed off on spending however many tens of millions of dollars on this crap needs to be (a) fired and (b) castrated so that his idiot spawn do not contaminate the gene pool any further.
  11. brownmonster

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    Wouldn't it be more fun to work as directed and watch it fail?
  12. soberups

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    No, I would rather just do my job as efficiently as possible and go home. I'm not into playing games and I dont have anything to prove. However...if they ever start complaining about the fact that I'm not 85% ORION compliant, I will just turn my brain off and give them 100% and that will shut them up real quick.
  13. 3 done 3 to go

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    I learned this after edd. Worked till ten for weeks. They rode me the last wk. Haven't had over 9.5 for 2 yrs now. Now only have the dumbest add cuts to deal with now. Like the driver next to me gets 5-10 stops from me. Then I get 5-10 stops of his. We just switch it on our own. Never hear anything about it
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    The dude who came up with the Orion idea must be an amazing salesman and UPS fell for it. There is no way this guy knew how the trucks are loaded daily. I have trouble finding pkgs in the 1000-2000 sec and they expect me to jump sections? What I can't understand is UPS spent however much they spent on this and they are regularly telling drivers to turn it off. Maybe it will take a while to work the kinks out but to me, any driver worth his/her salt should be able to run the route better than a computer.
  15. soberups

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    Had my second ORION ride today.

    They did make some improvements to the way my route was set up and I will say that, today at least, it worked better than I expected it to. I can also say, however, that it will never work as well as they expect it to. Today was an optimum setup, a 9 hr day with very little NDA and an absolutely perfect load. Where ORION will fall short is under typical UPS conditions (crap load, idiotic add/cuts flung in at the last minute, misloads, 11 hour day etc.) that force the driver to think on his feet and work around the problems that the company has dumped on him.
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    we've seen here if the route is country route or a lot of miles the driver can usually beat it pretty easily. It does work better in highly concentrated res routes, not perfect though by a long shot
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