Our my managers hiding a dark secret?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Leragie, Jun 16, 2007.

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    So, I showed up to work yesterday morning to find all of the late start drivers gathered together in our meeting area. Our center supervisor was doing a little speech about us being a team and all the what not. Then at the end of the speech she stated that supervisors will no longer be coming to us the next day about the common little mistakes that we make like one missed package, or miss delivery scan, etc. She showed us a bulletin board that would have postings of the mistakes that were made from the following day. Then she said that we were all good at our job, we knew what we were doing and we didn't need the supervisors bugging us every morning about a common mistake. She said that we could look on the board, see our mistakes, and know what to do to fix it. Management would only come to us if it turned into a huge problem or corporate starts freaking out. Then she made us all gather around and put our fists together and yell "Go Team!".

    Now, I've always like the supervisors at my center, but we still had the usual of being chewed out everyday for every tiny mistake. I thought this idea seemed a little weird even for my center. The big boss seemed a little too happy as well. Anyone else's center doing this kind of thing? The whole morning just felt strange. Are my supervisors really aliens that are just trying to gain our trust so they can grind us up for new uniform material?
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    Re: Are my managers hiding a dark secret?

    Don't you mean "ARE" instead of "Our"?
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    Yes, they are mostly aliens and have many secrets. I'm not a full time driver but have experienced years and years of management tactics.

    Just do the best you can and carry on. They cannot fire you without warning if you are making big mistakes. Well, unless you have an accident or something terrible.

    Good luck and learn to take the good from them and let the BS slide off. dw
  4. JustTired

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    Oh...their hiding a dark secret, alright. But it has nothing to do with aliens.

    The big secret is what they do with their time after you leave the building and before you come back. Can you say.... Mall , oil change, golf course, haircut, buy a new car, etc. Then when you finally do come back (8-9 pm), they tell you how they've been there since 5 A.M.

    I guess it's not that big of a secret. At least to the hourly employees.
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    I thought the Oncar Sups mainly turn into Shuttle Drivers when we leave the building to try to deliver everything that was left in the building and fix PAS misses(except for out of Center NDAs, they are still there at the end of day). I have seen Preload and Oncar sups on my area delivering in civilian clothes driving a P500. One will be reading a map while the other one is driving. They don't use a DIAD, so I wonder how they record milage and deliver packages, hmm...........:ohmy:
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    [She showed us a bulletin board that would have postings of the mistakes that were made from the following day.]

    Not a good idea. You don't need your mistakes posted for everyone to see. Your management team is trying to use peer pressure and turn it in to a competition. If one driver keeps having problems I'm sure he is going to catch it from his coworkers. You need to talk to your steward and have him put a stop to this. The OR is not shown in our center.
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    Your center may have been selected to try a new management style to improve employee relations.

    By posting information for all drivers to view and not addressing every single issue, will save time for both management and drivers.

    There should be no surprises on the reports, as drivers know if they had a service failure the day before. Understanding drivers take pride in their routes and servicing their customers, service is being left to the driver, as it should be.

    Could it be micro managing is going away???
    I surely hope so, as all UPS employees know what it takes to provide excellent service to our customers.
  8. loserupser

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    its called embarrassing the the underachiever!!!
  9. aspenleaf

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    They do this at my center (have your mistakes posted) for the drivers and for us preloaders they write up our misloads on the dry earse board and tell us we are dragging the line down if we had any. We did mind at first but you get tired of seeing your cage up there and people did start to improve.
  10. RockyRogue

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    Its not just your center, Aspen. All the centers in our hub (Commerce City) do it if I'm not mistaken. I've seen the bulletin boards as I come and go. Interesting way of correcting behavior. -Rocky
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    I may be misunderstanding, are they just saying the center had 8 missed or saying who screwed up?
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  12. tieguy

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    Sounds like a positive change to empowerment. Has to be better then the daily but chewings?
  13. BCFan

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    :mad: they put up a load of bulletin boards in the Atlanta Hub ... I agree the Op. Reports should NOT be put up for everyone to see.... It is SINGLING out and is NOT Allowed !!!! Names of employees SHOULD be blanked out if said report is posted !!! The OR is a tool for MANAGEMENT not hourly employees !!! I agree with a prior poste that said to get your BA involved in this..... These practices by management can not be tolerated or allowed !!!!..... I think good ole Tie Guy could possibly share a little more info with us, if he has not been swore to secrecy...... :thumbup1: BC (not Breakfast of Champions)
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    I agree- it can't hurt to try something new. God knows what we have now is getting on the nerves of all employees. Could also be proof that Captain Mike's crew reads these threads!!!!
  15. Cementups

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    That's the first thing I thought:closedeye
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    About a month ago they took down all our Driver Check In Counters out of my Hub. I thought they were going to replace them since they were worn out and falling apart. Instead they hung all these cork bulletin boards to hang up all those important reports on so we could be amazed when we read them. I don't bother. At one time they posted the OR up, but someone filed a grevience so it came down. Then they would "accidently" leave a copy laying around so everyone could see it. Its important to know the Runners and Deadbeats, you know.:closedeye
  17. tieguy

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    Never knew there was so much drama behind this one. We put up lists that show how people did on various elements all the time. The lists show the names in some order either alphabetical or ranks them in some order. Never had any gripes from anyone about it. See some good natured kidding between the drivers. Keep in mind those lists also recognize those folks doing a great job.
  18. SmithBarney

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    Should be posted by employee number...
    We had the same thing at our center, listed
    missed scans/logical or physical...etc amazingly
    some of the names continually showed up..
    nothing was ever done...
  19. DS

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    who cares what other drivers numbers are?
    99% of us work hard and struggle to get back
    to meet the air sort commits.Some days you run scratch some days almost 2 bucks over.
  20. GuyinBrown

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    Not likely... It's gotten exponentially worse in our division over the last year.