over 9/5 "opt in / opt-out" language


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A letter was posted on our union board stating that the new contract and all language has been implemented but the "opt-in / opt-out" language. They are still trying to work on the specifics of that language. How can we vote on the contract and then language be changed after the fact? I was wondering if this letter has been posted at any other center and if so what has the steward said about when a list will be posted to "opt-in / opt-out"? Many drivers at my center want this part of the contract implemented immediately as they have everything else but we are getting the run around as to when or why this is taking so long.


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If I had to guess........they are finding out that , where they have posted the "opt in/opt out" signup, nobody is opting out. DUH!

I still believe there will be no difference in your load regardless of which you choose. The only difference is that if you opt out, you forfeit your right to grieve for the penalty pay. Once again, the company seems to be under the illusion that a good percentage of the drivers want to work over 9.5 and therefore would not opt in.

While there is a percentage of drivers that would take all the OT they can get, I'm guessing that percentage to be very low. In the low single digits.

Therefore, if 95% of the drivers opt in, the company runs the risk of paying the penalty on OT to a lot of people. While it is still cheaper to pay the penalty than hire more drivers, it does make it less attractive when you figure in things such as driver injuries going up due to fatigue, accidents going up due to fatigue, service failures going up due to time constraints and fatigue.

It's stupid language and I think they are realizing that. I did as soon as I seen it. And if I can see it...............


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I have not seen an "Opt In/Opt Out" list on our Bid Board. There is a bid list for extra work, but it is not specifically for Package Drivers.


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I've never filed a 9.5 grievance but I wouldn't sign anything that says I wont. It was never posted in our center. I'll take overtime but not unlimited.


I'm surprised to see that there are quite a few drivers that haven't seen the opt in/opt out list yet. I know this is not the first thread that this issue has come up in. Our opt in/opt out was posted the first week of Jan and was taken down at the end of the week. Just Tired you are right the company is realizing that every one or almost every one is signing it. Out of our 23 drivers there was only one that did not sign at all and I've heard directly from some of the drivers that the only reason they did was because they were afraid they would end up doing some one elses work. A total of about 3 drivers out of the 23 don't care about the over 9.5, they just don't want to continuosly go do others work. There is however, a larger percentage that won't file the grievances even though they did opt in. That percentage is not much, though. Probably half of our drivers are filing the grievances on 9.5's.

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I filed for the month of Jan., then again for the month of Feb. Still waiting, Hub MGR keeps telling Stewart it's a waste of time because we're not going to get paid. I'm just tring to see my family. Leave the house before 8 and get home after 8 everyday since like Sept. What kind of Father is that? Even if we opt. in they can kill us twice a week. The funny part is they broke up my route 3 times, and tried to give me 3 He/said's since I filled the first. They will always push, and if 8 out of 10 give, they win. I feel for the new guys that don't know any better. The only thing that has changed at UPS is their numbers, do your job and let them worry about the numbers, and file your 9.5. We'll have to wait and see the out come, my guess is they can't side step and back pedal forever.....even if they specialize at it..........for every one thing they do to bring you down, find two that bring you up, fight the fight and play the game.......


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I'm wondering if people who are classified as Temporary Cover Drivers are allowed to put their names on the "Opt Out List"? I am a cover driver and have been told that only FT Drivers are allowed to request an eight hour day. Does the Opt in/Opt out list apply to ONLY FT Drivers (and not cover drivers)?