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He was full of "it" the whole time.
If by full of it; you are implying that I am full of the truth....then you are spot on.

Hoffa/Taylor created the 22.4 position and did not create obvious language that would allow any RPCD laid off on a Monday to be able to work a Saturday in order to reach 40 hours. One sentence. These ass-clowns purposely left that language out and it has hurt RPCDs.

Hoffa/Taylor created the 22.4 position Tues-Sat without grandfathering in RPCDs who had already chosen and bid on Tues to Sat. One sentence. Why wouldn't they put simple seniority language allowing those who bid on to a Tues to Sat schedule to remain. These turd-burglars purposely left out that language.

The Local 243 officials are indeed slapdicks. They won 2 out of 3 issues in the Metro Detroit Rider and consider that a victory without taking into account the gravity of the issue they lost.

1. Guarantee RPCDs the right to 40 hours (either by 4 10 hour days or having the right to work Saturday even if it means bumping a 22.4. NOPE LOSER
2. Getting an hour or so pay for employees that are required to get an airport badge. WIN
3. Allowing seniority employees the optional right to have the day off when there are extra drivers. WIN

In a different negotiation; I had 3 issues I was attempting to win.
I asked for new socks. WIN
I asked for a bologna sandwich. WIN
I asked for world peace. LOSE

I won 2 out of 3 so that is a huge victory. LOL

If UPSers want to continue on with the company controlled union; they should vote for the Vairma/H slate.

Seniority rights are a pillar of being in a union.

Not protecting those rights in regards to allowing drivers to stay on their bid on schedules is unacceptable.
Not protecting the rights of the higher classification of RPCDs to 40 hours is unnaceptable.

The slapdick, ass clown, fart knocking, butt pirating, turd burglars' days are numbered.


browned out

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The OZ Team will crush UPS corporate's supported and controlled PowderPuff slate.

The company controlled union is on the way out. Bye bye.

The Hoffa loyalist company controlled union locals all have a few things in common.

They believe the majority of members are gullible sheepole and/or apathetic.
They think that the members believe that the leaders' stated priority issues are in the members best interests.
They threaten the members with unfounded impending strike fears. 'Vote no and we will be on strike"

243 portrayed themselves as champions of the 243 members. 243 leaders are a joke.

243 stated in the LOCAL 243 MIRROR NEWSLETTER: “Since UPS agreed to two of our three major open issues, we recommended a YES vote the third time around.” http://www.teamsters243.org/docs/Local_243_Newsletter_docs/_243_May_June_2019.pdf?button3=View

What 243 failed to mention is that 1 of the 3 "major" open issues was never an issue.

Giving drivers the right to a day off by seniority if routes were not built was never an issue. It was manufactured by 243.
UPS has a long history of practically begging high seniority drivers to take days off if routes were cut.
Simple business economics.... Melvin the method follower with 30 years of seniority runs an hour overallowed and makes $40 an hour ($60 on OT) and works 10 hours. Ronnie the runner gunner with low seniority makes $22 an hour, skips breaks and lunch and works 8 hours. $$>$ Maybe we should ask Melvin to take the day off. ya think?

This was not an issue. So 243 traded a non-issue for UPS not guaranteeing RPCDs a right to 40 hours. 243 leaders have been UPS company controlled puppets for a very long time.

The 243 Mirror news letter also states:
- SENIORITY: Used to determine the proper order workers are entitled to promotions, vacations, job bidding, shift preference, etc. This takes away the employer’s power to play favorites and guarantees fairness. (hollow words from 243)

Yet our purported leaders at the National, Central States, and Metro Detroit all failed to include language that would protect shift preference, job bidding, etc. The assclowns did however create language that forced seniority drivers off of their bid on, preferred schedules. Most of the package car drivers who bid on to a Tuesday thru Saturday schedule had 30+ years seniority at UPS. SENIORITY rights could have been protected if the future POWDERPUFF team would have adhered to the basic UNION priciples.

Oh yeah; we actually could bid back on to our preferred Tuesday to Saturday schedule under a few caveats:
We just would have to move down to a lower classification, take a $6 an hour straight time pay cut, A $ 9 an hour OT pay cut and lose anywhere from $15K to $25K per year. ($75K to $125K less per 5 year CBA)

There is no valid argument for not allowing all RPCDs (present and future) to be able to bid on a preferred schedule.
It is unconscionable that the IBT did not grandfather the rights of drivers who had already bid on, and worked T-S.
It was a calculated move by a UPS controlled union.

SLAPDICKS is too kind. Pieces of garbage is more fitting. Pieces of kaka is accurate.
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